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My cats try to eat all of my scrapbooking paper that I have. If I leave one of my projects out I come back to little teethmarks in the paper. Plus they think I need their creative input and lie down on whatever project I am working on. They also think all my craft supplies are their own private toys and no matter how much I try to put stuff away they always seem to find something to drag out to play with. Oh well just adds character.

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Mine would be them waking me up at 6am! They're my "nipping alarm clocks". I have to push them out of bed for a few minutes' more snooze! Hahaha.
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Heck all of this is nothing compared to my dogs. Two of them have a liking of my school text books, one was completely dismembered this weekend. I also need to take up stock on Chapstick as Bozy hunts it down and eats it. He goes through at least 2 tubes a week. I can't put it any where without him finding it.
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Joey is my unpredictable peeing guy. He forces me to be neat around the house, because he will squat on papers left around or those plastic grocery bags. The last thing of significance he managed to pee on was my teaching certificate. No longer suitable for framing, I'm afraid.
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One time when Sashka was a little bub and VERY insane she broke the double-crystal hand-crafted candle holder that my boss had bought me in Rhodes - about four minutes after I got it home from him giving it to me. I stood there in motionless shock for about a minute after it happened while she quivered in hiding under the bed. I then texted my boss and told him what happened, saying, `I am going to use the broken shards to finish her off'. It was the only time I have ever been seriously angry at something one of my girls has done. But I got over it quickly - she was just a little kitten and it was in a silly place, me knowing I had a rampaging baby in the house and all.
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Where do I start...

Jasper peed on me (in my bed) when he was mad. Just changed the sheets on the bed. Grrr...

Past trangressors who were close to losing all nine lives in one "swell foop" - they have since passed over the bridge from other causes.

Astrid - pooped on my new comforter minutes after I placed it on my bed.

Minx - opened and slept in a large bag of clean and freshly pressed table covers the morning of a daylily show. Mom and I spent 2 hours in the laundromat instead of the garden and almost missed the check-in for our arrangements.

Sheba - would knock plants off the shelf when mad. She also ate the ponytail palm and unpotted cacti to use as toys. Even did this as Mom watched.

Will probably think of more later. We've had lots of cats!
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