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Dual litter box use?

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I haven't ever seen cats use the litter box at the same time before we got shadow and Geo .. they were about the same age at the same time although we got shadow at 3 weeks and geo at about 7 .. now they will use the litter box at the same time .. it doesn't seem to bother them.

Has anyone else seen dual use? Maybe it is something common among litter mates or something?
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Really if you have two cats you should have two litter pans, not one. Ideally three is best.
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Pepper and Scooter will use side by side litter boxes all the time.
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Yeah, Lion and Bear do this occasionally as well. Often when they were younger, one would go in the box and start digging and it was like the other one thought ' oh yeah, I need to go too!' and would hop in beisde the first. They don't mind with each other, but Bear has also tried to hop in the box the same time one of the other cats are using it, and they would much rather he wait until they are finished:-). They have stopped doing it as often as they have got older. Yes, they are littermates, and yes, there were other litter boxes available - one usually right beside the one the two of them were trying to use at the same time:-).

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You mean a cat using a litter box while the other cat is in there with them at the same time?

Maybe they are just very good friends!
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My kittens sometimes do it. They are littermates. They have three litterboxes available but they prefer to share the one.
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My kittens do everything together. If one goes into the litter box, the other will go too. I dont know if they would go into seperate litter boxes if i got 2.
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None of my 6 cats are littermates, but they do have their buddies.

Hammie seems to follow Zorro & Snickers whenever they go potty. And I have SIX litter boxes. If Hammie sees one of the other boys heading towards the box, he'll follow, and bug them.

But no, they've never peed or pooped together, not that I'm aware of. I don't see how anyone would fit in the box with Zorro or Hammie but I guess anything is possible.
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mine try to use it while Im cleaning it
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Originally Posted by Javern
mine try to use it while Im cleaning it

Mine too!!! i feel better about it now knowing that im not the only one with this issue.
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Mine like to use it right after I've cleaned it, so I have to clean it again!
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When I take the lid off the box and start cleaning it, Nano will hop in and sit there giving me a quizzical look. As if saying, "Hmmmmm....is this for me?"

Then I step away to give her privacy and the digging starts two seconds later. I take a break and come back in 15 minutes to resume the daily cleaning.
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