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Stray Cat

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I posted this in another forum but thought this was a good place for it as well. I found a stray cat outside my apartment complex who is very skittish and afraid of people. I've started feeding her and giving her attention so she likes me. I'd take her in but my roomate's allergic to cats so we can't have her, and I don't know anyone else who can take her. Plus, she won't get near anyone else. I'd planned on feeding her until I move out and then taking her with me. The problem is winter's approaching and I'm worried it will be too cold for her. I'm in South Carolina, and it can get into the 30's and 20's at night around here. I have an outside storage closet I thought I could make into a shelter for her, but I don't know what I should put in there, other than an old blanket or something. Anyone have any advice? I'm a unemployed college student so it can't be something real expensive. Thanks!
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This one is easy. Since you've got a storage closet, that works out very well since no one will disturb it. First put newspaper down. Add some straw on top of it and then the blanket. If it's easy for her to go in and out you might want to get one of those 20 gallon tubs with a cover. Turn the tub upside down with the cover on the bottom. Be sure to cut a hole large enough for her to get in and out. Do the same thing with it, newspaper, straw etc. This will make her feel safe as well as keep her from getting a draft. Make sure you put a bowl of water (add a little salt to prevent the water from freezing) and plenty of food. She should be fine.

If you have the time, call around and see if there are any vets that will spay her for free or at a very reduced rate. If she's going to be an outside kitty, she'll need to be spayed if she isn't already and have her shots, which can be done at any pet store that holds Vaccination Days.

Good luck. You are doing a great thing by protecting her from the elements.
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