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My mom thinks Limerick has seperation anxiety. When I leave he sits at the window and cries and meows for labout 10 mins then he goes and plays or sleeps or whatever.
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On the telephone, usually at about 2 pm to make sure I'm not taking a nap!
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WOOHOO This makes me feel a lot better .. my fiance totally thinks i am a loony toon thinking that the cats are calling for me.

Expecially Geo he has a tendancy to when he falls or isn't able to do something he wanted to then he will do a weird whiny almost like a cat chasing a fly chirpy meow likes hes crying. If i ask him if he is okay he will come running and stop meowing, but he does that even if he is in the Same room as i am. In my mind it is sort of like a little kid who fell on their bum and crys for their mom even though they really aren't hurt just stunned. Delilah used to come running when he was a baby to make sure her little baby was okay( she totally adopted him when we got him), now she is mad at him cause he wants to play and swat at her and she is * sticks nose in the air and puts on my snobish voice " to refined to play like some common kitty how lude*LOL*.

Luna WAILS until someone calls his name then he comes running like he was totally lost.

Shadow will wrreeoww really soft like mama hey mama where are yah WOOHOO.. then she will be looking for me and hunt my butt down and i will end up with a kitty throw on my chest *LOL* She totally snuggles in and sort of throws her arm over me like she is hugging me. She's my baby!!
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