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Does your cat call you?

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I have been avidly reading the other thread about calling your cat. Does anyone else feel like sometimes your cat is calling for you? Yah know the plantif WHERE IS EVERYONE meow.... our cats do that and if you ask them whats wrong they will come barreling down the hall like they wer just making sure.

OKay maybe i am just a little and spend to much time around the cats.
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Zoey does on a regular basis
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Yup. Snickers & Hammie do! It works, too, cuz whenever I hear Snicky singing or Hammie making his weird words, I come running!
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Nope, mine haven't been able to figure out the phone yet...

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* smacks my head* havent figured out the phone yet *rotfl"
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Sage and Dakota are always calling for me. When I hear a particular meowl that they make, I return the call and they come running. Sometimes I think they are trying to locate me in the house and by returning their call they know where I am.

My Bogart did the same for years and it is one of the things that I miss most about him (he crossed last year).
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Sam's the one who has a large vocabulary. He has two different calls - one that's kind of a far-away meow that says, "Frodo, I'm bored, where are you?", and one that's pretty insistent that says, "Mom and Dad, get over here, I need my back scratched ASAP!"
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nope Loki does not call for me he SCREAMS ( it's almost like someone is running him through with a spear!) That's my baby boy!
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Originally Posted by Hell603
nope Loki does not call for me he SCREAMS ( it's almost like someone is running him through with a spear!) That's my baby boy!
Loki sounds like Jamie!
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Gandalf isn't much of a talker, he'll just do something he's not supposed to do like run his paws down the blinds. (Like finger nails on a chalk board to me.)

Samwise on the other hand will just start crying. Meow-ow-ow, I always know where he's at then, in the bathtub behind the shower curtain.
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Yes, mine all call to see if I am in the living room or upstairs on the computer. When I answer and they bound in they give a little triumphant cry - 'Oh, now I've found you!'
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Gracie does. If she's in one part of the house and wants me to come to her, she lets out a chorus of pitiful, urgent meows like she's all alone in the world. Of course, she's got me trained to come. Yeah, she's a spoiled little girl.
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Mark used to give this panicked yell from deep in the house "Where are you?!" I used to break off in the middle of phone calls to shout back, "I'm up here!" People on the other end of the phone, "Who are you talking to??"
"Oh it's the cat...."

Mitz calls me when he's got a problem, he's a thinker that boy- trouble is he has such a protesting little miaow I laugh every time I hear it and he gets most indignant.
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Originally Posted by mikenealis
Nope, mine haven't been able to figure out the phone yet...

hey, mine did! They somehow got the speakerphone on, and speeddialed my mom one morning about three am!

Seriously though, Rusty calls us, Gizmo calls us and Rurnt calls us.....the rest couldn't care less!
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Daisy does, especially at night after we go to bed. Lucy walks all over us when we're in bed until we let her under the covers and Annabelle couldn't care less, she usually sleeps down stairs. Daisy will talk to me while I'm cooking dinner or anything else in the kitchen.
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Mine do. They all have their specific calls for what it is they want as well. Freija will come and call me if her food dish is empty or she wants to play; Bear will call to find out where I am and to come and play; Lion will call for a 'general' everyone come and play, as well as in the middle of the night that he wants the door opened so he can cuddle under the blankets. Tristan has a whuffly quiet call during which he also taps me with his paw to get my attention. He will come and look at me though as if mentally telling me what he wants, and I usually do get it. Lion, Bear and Freija are the most vocal and most needy or demanding - or maybe just successful in getting me to understand what they want - while Abbie will saunter through and ask me something inquisitive but doesn't necessarily 'call' me:-).

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Mashka wanders down the hall and starts her little chirruping mews... Presh (The dog) usually jumps up, and worriedly runs and gets her, or I call her and she comes running.

My mom used to have a tom who would follow her all over the house, but sometimes she would go to another room when he wasn't looking. He'd start SCREAMING at the top of his lungs, "MAMA! MAAAMAAA!" Until she called him. He'd then race to her and leap into her arms for lovings, purring hard as he could. He was a spoiled baby. It only got worse after he was neutered.

Mattie and kids
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Beau did when he was younger. He would get as far from me as possible, then meow as loud as he could. Lately after he wakes up from a nap, he comes out to where I am, talking to me.
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All of mine have/has, especially Kuce and Lil' Jag.
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Originally Posted by Kathryn41
Mine do. They all have their specific calls for what it is they want as well..

Same here
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Absolutely! Sierra calls me quite frequently anytime she wants my immediate attention!
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Char does on a regular basis. He is such a spoiled brat but I love him!
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marsh definitely has distinctive calls, and one of his is: I WANT ATTENTION, COME AND PLAY WITH ME! ... yeah, i know this whine anywhere
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Chesty often calls--but we're never sure who he's calling. He usually does it when he leaves the room we're in. It just occurred to me that maybe he's calling us to follow, but our original theory is that he had a friend in his first home that he's looking for now. He would walk around the house, calling curiously but also a little sadly, as he pawed at all the doors. He was adopted from the SPCA where we got him, then returned--they don't know why, or any of his history. Anyway, he called a LOT when we first got him, but that has decreased as he's become more comfortable with us. His call sounds so un-catlike that we think he may have had a dog friend before--he almost sounds like he's trying to bark or whine like a dog!

He's the most talkative of my three cats. He often gives a little rolling chirp when he jumps up on the bed or the couch, or when he approaches one of the others, hoping to play. Eva meows when I'm in the kitchen and taking too long to fix their dinner: "Me first!" Ziv hardly talks at all, except when he's in the car. Then he just cries.
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Yes!!! Limerick sits in the middle of my living room and does this questioning type meow. It's really loud too (I have a 1 bedroom apartment, so it's not very big). I know this might sound wierd, but once in a while it sounds like he says "mommy" Or that my be my mind playing tricks on me. haha
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Princess and Patsy each have many different meows to get their points across. When one "calls" me I will either go see what they want or jsut ask them what they need. Usually if it's important they will make sure to get their points across by a very demanding yell and walking me right to what ever they want.

Even my ferals will come get me when they what something. Most of the time they will knock on the doors or bang on the walls to get my attention. If they're really desperate one of them will jump up and hang from the window screen to get my attention. Sometimes it scares the heck out of me when it's late at night and I see eyes staring in the window.
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Smokey--my mom's cat--would say mama plain as anything. Even people who didn't have cats or weren't "biased" would blink in surprise when they heard it. Besides using it as a call for her, we could look at him and ask, "Who's baby are you?" and he'd sit right up and cheerfully let out a distinct "MAMA".
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Goodness yes they call for me! Especially my Siamese, Minuet, and boy is she LOUD!!!
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Willow did that a lot last night. We moved to a new apartment, and she just kept wandering around. The place is all one level and only one bedroom (our old place had two bedroom and two stories) but she kept thinking she was lost or something. By the time it was morning (and time for me to wake up) she figured everything out and wanted to come to bed with me.
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They do this all the time!!! Rosie is soooo vocal! Lately she's been waking me up about three times a night because I have to respond to her calling otherwise she doesn't stop! My other two cats were not vocal at all until Rosie started and now I have like a choir here....they never stop but I love it
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