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Originally Posted by noni
I was mostly silent on the other threads about this subject, as I am torn. There is no clear position for me, as I believe both in life and in choice. I understand both sides completely.

I have been appalled by the circus which played out, and is still playing out; both from the federal government and media as well as the family. I also see some good coming out of this; I've had "the conversation" with my entire family, and have become far more clear as to their positions. They have become far more clear as to mine.

But I am also sadly happy for Terri, that she now is free - completely and utterly free to move to the next phase, whatever that may be. To move toward her God, and to have obeyed the last rites of her faith must have been a release for her soul. To know she is now complete and whole again, to have been released from her body, has brought me some peace with the situation.

It also appalls me the manner in which the release was delivered. The starvation, the dehydration is atrocious. A compassionate society does not allow the suffering this must have created, even if she "didn't know." What we don't know is what she suffered; and this is horrifying to me. The worst of our society receives more humane treatment in their final moments via lethal injection, and no suffering is allowed (cruel and unusual punishment was the rallying cry to change the manner of death from hanging to firing squad to electric chair to lethal injection). To know that a woman who committed no crime was treated less humanely by our society than a serial killer is utterly incomprehensible to me.

And so now, knowing she has died, I still have no clear answer. I have no position pro or con, as again I see both sides.

I can only think "at last, Terri, you're free. At last, Terri, you're whole. And at last, Terri, you rest."

God speed and God bless.

Absolutely beautifully put Michele.
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Sadly happy describes it perfectly.
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I've lost several family members, and was only "there" when my twin brother died. I didn't have the opportunity to sit and hold his hand, because I was too busy trying to block the door to his hospital room so that he wouldn't be resuscitated. He'd asked me to do that, and I'd accepted that he'd had enough. My father died about five minutes after my mother left the room, and ten minutes after my sister did. I was with a friend when he died of pancreatic cancer; his "death rattle" (Cheyne-Stokes) had been going on for about 2 hours, and a compassionate doctor gave him an overdose of barbiturates to speed things along. She was definitely my type of doctor! Sadly, she herself died of cancer three years ago. His wife and I sat with him, and I have to say that it was an eerily peaceful and somehow spiritual experience. He'd experienced so much fear and pain, and to have let him die over a course of hours or days would've been sheer torture, after the weeks of fruitless treatments he'd gone through.
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
God RIP Terri.
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This whole situation was just wrong on so many levels. I don't think any of her "loved ones" did right by her. They should have let that poor woman go when they figured out that she would never have any quality of life. It seemed to me that the whole thing was a matter of a big pissing contest and who was in control. I bet she is looking down on all the fighting, hating it. They still will not let that poor woman rest in peace. Now they are fighting over her remains.
All my family knows that if there is no hope for me to have any quality of life, not just laying in bed breathing, or worse yet, a quadraplegic, I want them to let me go. If they don't, when I do eventually go, they will find out if it is possible for someone to haunt them.
I want my body donated to a medical college for teaching or research, and my ashes returned after they are done. I don't care what they do to my shell, I won't need it any more, and it may help cure a horrible disease.
I certainly do not want my family stuck with thousands of dollars in funeral expenses.
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The media need to let this go and allow these people to bury their dead and mourn their loss in peace.

Last night, a news commentator was decrying the fact that Michael Schiavo and his family were not talking to the media. It "wasn't fair" that the American public were only getting the Schindlers' side of the story.

I think that this speaks well of Michael and his family, that THEY refused to participate in this media circus and tried to find a little peace with Terri, in her last hours.
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I watched some of the coverage just after she died. I guess her brother was causing problems so Michael asked them to leave b/c he didn't want to risk something happening while she did pass on. Her parents were not near the hospice when she did pass on. I don't think there was enough time to contact them. They told Michael it was getting close to the end and with in 10-15 mins she was gone. Her parents were given as much time as they needed with her before she was removed from the hospice.
The one thing that really bothered me is that the preist that was the spokes men for the family had some really nasty words directed at Michael after she had died. He should have said something that would move the families toward reunion, but I think he just made things worse.

Such a sad day for the family and for Michael. She's finally at peace
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I don't see eye-to-eye with you on many issues, but your thoughts in this thread have been right on target. Bravo.
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I love your final thought- People die, love doesn't.
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Her parents must be exhausted, & now this. They fought so hard, it was amazing. I will never understand what the husband's problem was..maybe now the truth will begin to emerge.
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My Mom also died within 10 minutes after my Dad turned back to the desk (she was on Hospice care at the house). And, I too want to be given to Science; that's beside the issue though...

I must admit that I'm relieved to hear that Terri has passed on. The poor woman had suffered long enough. I see her parent's side and her husband's. People are accusing Michael of no longer loving his wife, and maybe being with another woman is wrong in sense of "until death do us part" -- but Terri's mind was already dead, her body or shell, was alive -- only through artificial means.

Rest in peace Terri, you deserve peace. Especially after this hideous battle.
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When a patient died in my presence, I would say my own version of a prayer. The words were Friedrich Shiller's (German poet) and they were adapted by Beethoven for the Choral Movement of the Ninth Symphony. I took the liberty of changing the word for to from.
"Be embraced all ye millions with a kiss from all the world"
I'd like to believe that Terri felt that kiss, as she took her last breath.
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Originally Posted by Deb25

I don't see eye-to-eye with you on many issues, but your thoughts in this thread have been right on target. Bravo.
Oh gosh, thanks. Well as you can tell some of this subject is pretty close to my heart. (I have also been a family feud so I know how bizarre they get...)
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because we got a tv i have been following it a bit.
I noticed that she didnt have much time left when her face had changed colour to a reddish purple.
Im happy that she finally got to cross the rainbow bridge fully.
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I read in this morning's paper that Terri has been cremated and Michael will have her cremains buried in a publicly undisclosed spot in Pennsylvania. He has been court-ordered to reveal the burial place to her family, though. So much for keeping her burial place undisclosed.

It will be a few weeks before the autopsy results will be available. Hopefully, that will put an end to a lot of the rumors, accusations and innuendos, as well a give an accurate assessment of the real condition of Terri's brain. Of course, Terri's family is complaining that THEIR hired pathologist wasn't allowed to observe the autopsy.
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