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Questions about paws and claws

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First question: is it possible to teach a cat to keep her claws sheathed when she is being cuddled? Bailey loves to snuggle against my shoulder, and she purrs and stretches out her front legs, with claws extended. She sort of paws at the air, but once in a while, I get sharp claws in my arm or shoulder. It is only a problem when I am wearing something thing, or something good that I don't want to get catches in.

Second question: do cats feel through the pads of their feet like we do through our fingertips? They seem to feel different textures, and prefer some over others, and I just wondered if their paws are that sensitive. Right now, Sam has discovered terrycloth, I had a towel on my bed I am using as a makeshift lumbar support, and he has been sleeping on that towel for about 18 out of the 24 hours. I think this is his first encounter with a towel.
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Claws: I don't think you can teach a cat to retract their claws, especially, while they're giving love! The "milk treading" they do continues on for the rest of their lives. It's a sign of affection. The claws just naturally come out. You can trim them, or just realize you're going to have snags on stuff!

Paws: I think cats can tell texture. My cat Zorro has this favorite blanket, it's like a sweater-knit feeling. He kneads it and then falls asleep on it but really doesn't do that with other blankets. Their footpads feel heat & cold so I'm sure they feel texture, too. I have noticed my cats don't like silky feeling things (the slickness of my satin pillow, for example, they don't go near that thing) but they love the rougher things like the sweater blanket & terry towels!
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You might look into SoftPaws if you're concerned about claws catching on things.
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I bought the cat wisperer today at petsmart and in the book it says that cats use their pads to feel like we feel with our hands, but that they cant feel temp. with them. That is why after they tap something new with their paws a couple of times the next thing they do is put their nose down to it, they are testing the temp. I had never heard this before, but I guess it makes sense since some cats live in egypt with hot sand, and others live on snow. something to think about though.
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