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Stray Cat

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I need someone's advice. I recently found a stray cat who lives outside my apartment building. I cannot take her in because my roomate is highly allergic to cats, and don't know anyone else who will take her. Also she's very skittish and afraid of people, so she won't get near most people. But she likes me, because I've been feeding her and petting her. Once I move out of my apartment in the spring I'm going to take her with me, but as for now she has to stay outside. Unfortunatly it's going to be getting pretty cold with winter coming on (I'm in South Carolina) and I'm afraid she'll get too cold (she's pretty small). I have a little outside storage closet I thought I'd make into a shelter for her, do you guys have any suggestions on what to put in there for her? I'm a poor college student so it can't be anything really expensive. Thanks for any advice!
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Bless you for taking care of this girl!
I know that you don't have to spend much money (maybe none at all, save for food) to take care of this kitty. Just an old blanket or a couple of old towels inside the closet should suffice. If the closet seem to get a little water in, under the door, you may need to get a plastic storage container to put her bedding in. Or maybe a couple pieces of scrap lumber (I'm thinking 2X4's or 4X4's) to act as a platform of sorts and a cardboard box should do. Will she be able to go in and out of the closet as she pleases? You may need to get her a litter box, and plain generic clay litter should work just fine (I used to use it) and the store brand is pretty cheap for 25 pound bags. Just use an old bowl or container for a water dish, and a paper plate should work fine for food. I am sure others can contribute more if I haven't covered my bases.
Again, it is so kind of you to look after this little girl! And welcome to The Cat SIte!
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I make kitty huts out of styrofoam coolers fro barn and feral kitty's around here...wrote about it here and will try to find the post and bring it forward. I think it ws inetitled 'kittty huts'.
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I found the hitty hut post - I moved it to the top of the posts in the Lounge. It will be down on the page when you get this, but scan down till you see 'kitty huts'. Good luck with your new friend - she/he is lucky to have you care for him/her!
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Thanks for your guys adviceI'm gonna get a big plastic tub soon and cut a hole in it for the cat, and put her blanket in there, since water does tend to get into the closet. I figure I'll just prop the door open enough for her to go in and out, but not so much that it lets in alot of breeze. She's already gotten used to me feeding her, I'll often go outside and see her and she'll come running over to where I put her food She's a sweetie! Anyway, thanks again!

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