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Feeding too much?

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One of my friends has a one year old very active cat, however, she feeds her 2 cans of 5.5oz food per day and leaves dry food out all day for her to eat as she wishes....Is that too much? I always thought it was....but she seems to think its ok....Should I be feeding Angel that much?
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Hi, To me that sounds like a lot of food. I feed Nepheline Medi-cal development food (wet) and Hill's prescription diet p/d and I've been roughly following the recomendations of the two. Nepheline is a kitten so she gets kitten food but I'll tell you what the packages say. I'm not sure what the difference is for an older cat. According the to packages If the cat is 10 lbs she should only be getting 7/8ths of a cup of the dry or approximately 1 can a day. I feed Nepheline a mixture of the two so less of both. You should get the cat weighed and then look up how much she should be eating. Hope this helps!

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I have 2 cats. My male eats 2/3 of a small can of Innova cat food daily and I leave out dry at night and during the day. My female eats a 1/2 can of fancy feast a day. Maybe your friend needs to get his cat a friend to play with so he wount think about eating so much? , he might be bored and eating out of bordem? Catlover7731
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It does sound like a lot of food however, I'd want to know what kind of dry food (each brand will vary on how much it suggests be fed on a daily basis, depending on the weight of the cat - and the feeding guidelines give a range usually, for example feed a 4-6 lb. cat 1/3 to 1/2 cup of food) and if the cat is overweight or normal on this regimen.
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if the cats not over weight and looks to be in good condition i wouldnt worry so much
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As Pat&Alix has pointed out, it totally depends on the weight and activity level of the cat. The "general" rule of thumb is one ounce of food for each pound of cat.
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that is exactly what i was doing with sara(8mos.) and she started getting nice and plump... but it worked out that she all of a sudden one day decided that she doesnt like any of her canned food anymore... now i feed her 1/2 cup of dry in the morning and the same in the evening and she has slimmed down a little, but she is currently staying the same weight(about 6-7lbs)

i always think that i am not feeding her enough, and sometimes she acts like she is starved during the day and i will boil her a little chicken or give her a little bit more food , but she usually doesnt act hungry
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