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Spring Fever

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It is def. time for cats to get "spring fever"... My cat and my neighbours cats are currently acting like loons in the garden. Chasing each other, chasing bee's and chasing the shadows of the washing hanging on the line lol

I have had some guests brought into my flat this past weekend too, all signs that spring is here. 1 butterfly that Guinness decided to play swat swat with, 1 crusty worm (yuk) and lots of muddy paw prints on my hallway walls!

What are your cats up to at this time of year?
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Indoor-only cats get Spring Fever, too!!! TRUST ME!

Last year it was only Zorro, he went running mad through the house (normally he's very lazy). Zipping here and there as fast as his fat bum would carry him.

This year it's all of them. It might have something to do with the birdfeeders I've hung at the windows or with the strays visiting us on the deck, but all I know is Snickers had me ROLLING last night with HIS Spring Fever! He was darting through the cat doors at record speed, chasing shadows, beating up boxes.

They all get this weird, wired insanity going where they zip around the whole house in 1.5 seconds, ears flat back and tail down for more speed.
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