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Anyone hear about a Judge in Ak

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I just heard a blip about a judge in Ak some town ordering a man to have his dogs vocal cords removed??? It was a blip ... Stating that the guys neighbors were diturbbed by the barking.. If only I lived in Ak I would be taking action against the judge... That is inhumane.... I live next to a barking dog and am thinking of buying a sonic barking controler not going to court...
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While I don't agree with having the vocal chords removed I do believe that if the barking is bad enough to warrant going to court over then maybe the owner should do something about it. I think a lot of pet owners kind of feel the same way parents do, well MY dog/cat/whatever can do no wrong and it really doesn't bother anyone when they bark/scratch/bite all the time. How difficult is it to buy one of those no bark collars? Or try to train your dog not to bark as much? I realize dogs bark but there are dogs that bark all their waking minutes which doesn't make them very popular. I do feel bad for the dog though.
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Thats awful!
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This has been ordered in other jurisdictions. It usually is the culmination of a long and protracted barking complaint. It is sometimes the only alternative to euthanasia. Generally, the dog owner has taken the inaction that prompts this reaction.

ACOs have also seen this done voluntarily by those who use animals to guard illegal operations. With their voices reduced to a harsh whisper, the first notice that law enforcement gets that a dog is on the property can be the teeth in the leg. Our local veterians usually call us if anyone with a guard/protection dog seeks this service.

Again, it is the dog that suffers for the owner. One hopes that the judge in his infinite wisdom also may the owner pay a hefty fine & community service!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Thats awful!
I agree
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