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Volunteering at Shelter...what to do...

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For one of my englisn classes I must do volunteer work. The only shelter in town is unfortunately a kill shelter, so I initially refused to do my work there, fearful of seeming supportive, which I am not! After consideration though, I realized that although I do not agree with those practices, in fact it infuriates me, I can offer love and socialization to the cats that are there, and that is something. So I began,, I havent experienced any kitty deaths there yet, and fear having to do so. I love spending a couple hrs every other day just playing with the cats and feeding them,, that is really all I do,,oh, and I talk to potential adopters, that is what my question is about. There is this girl who came in and wanted two sibling kittens and was questioning me and chatting with me about them,,she said she was going to make the appointment to get them immediately declawed because she wouldnt get them any other way,,so what am I supposed to say? I want the kitties to get homes, and she seems loving enough, and there is also the issue that I am not allowed to advise people what to do with their cats unless it is unsafe and inhumane,,but I went out on a limb, justifying myself by thinking that declawing can be in a way inhumane. So in the most politest voice I have, i explained to her that there are other very effective options for keeping her kittens from defacing floors and furniture, and explained a little bit about the operations, and the possible probs that can stem from it (behavioral, and health) She seemed a little put off, but she said she was coming back on next Tues. and has the kits on hold, she doesnt move in to her new apt until mon., so she cant pick them up right now. Was that a wrong thing, to tell her about this stuff, when, aside from my justifying it, I am sure it went against shelter policy? I tried to be subjective and only informative, but Im sure it came across as a little passionate. So,,what's the verdict?
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I feel like you should be allowed to explain alternatives, I mean, what is wrong with educating people on their options? Its when you try to force your opinion on people that it gets sticky.

But I'm not in charge of your shelter either.
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God Stevie, what a difficult situation ...so sorry I´m spechless...
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yes, very difficult situation. In this situation, i'd actually not say anything, either agreeing or condoning the practice. we all know declaw is wrong and would never do it, but then again, if it means life or death for a kittie, i'd choose life
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print out a fact sheet giving the facts and the alternatives but tell her its up to her.

or refer her to a vet who does not agree with such practises.

I agree with rarepuss, a declawed kitty is much better than a homeless kitty.

or even better, refer her here so she can see how others feel about it,
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what are they gonna do, fire you??

And I would do the fact sheet thing and be very nice about it because lots of people are just clueless, it's not like she would wants her kits to suffer. And I probably would give her this link: http://www.thecatsite.com/Cats/Cat_Care/Declawing.html and not really send her to the boards because people are really strongly opinionated here and I wouldn't want to freak out the poor girl..
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