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Something Good Happened Today

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Something happened to me today that made me feel good. This moring I recieved a letter from a stranger named Pamala. Below is the email that I got from her this morning.

I was wondering if you could send me a few pics of your cat that could easily print. My best friend is in the MICU unit here in Tyler Tx. She is very much a cat lover. She has 12 of her own. We are trying to find cute pics that look like her cats and print them out and stick it in her hospital room. Would you please help.
Thank you,

Well of course I sent her photos of Kiki along with well wishes for her friend. Below is the reply that I got this evening. Goes to show you how the love of cats can be very strong and beautiful.

Thank you. I picked the ones that looked like her cats. She was sudated when we got there. I was talking to her an told her I had some pics of a cat. It took her about 30 mins to come to. She started crying thinking it was her cats. Thank you! It was the first time she has come out of it in a little over a week.
Thank you,

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Wow! What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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That's great

A true random act of kitty kindness

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That's my ladylove...always there to help. I'm proud that my lady is so kind hearted and caring. Love you Hon.

Looks like the young lady in question has a pretty neat best friend too.

With all the anger and sorrow in the world the past while it's great to see kindness and love are still in good shape.
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Wow!! That is great Meme!!!! How did she get your e-mail? I sure hope her friend gets better. you are such an angel to help her!
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She got my email from Kiki Kats web page!! Kiki's site does well and get quite a few visitors and is listed in lots of places on the web.
Here is her addy if you want to look.

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Meme :angel2:

How sweet of you to do that for this woman, but then's just like you.

Sweet, sweet angel!

Love & Hugs,
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Uhh . . . {whispers}

What's *M*ICU?

{feels ignorant}

Also, would her friend like some get well wishes from us?
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That was a wonderful story!
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Sunlion, I know ICU stands for intensive care unit, so I assumed that MICU maybe meant Medical Intensive Care Unit, but I am not really sure.
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Or could be Military Intensive Care Unit.....I just thought of that.
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Hi everyone. Sorry but I have been gone all day and just now responding.

MICU stand for Medical Intensive Care Unit...

SUNLION...As far as sending get well greeting well I dont have a clue. I guess that I could email back and ask. Never thought of that myself. I will send her friend an email tomorrow and see what she says. Good idea!

Later, Meme
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