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Questions about adoptions...

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This is just me being curious. I adopted Cosmo recently through a rescue organization that rescues kitties from shelters. They were wonderful. I'm just curious if they were "typical"...

L was the woman I dealt with arranging the adoption. N was the foster mom.

L interviewed me on the phone on my first call. She obviously wanted me to meet the cat before committing to anything. I called her back a little while later with more questions and she had no problem talking to me for quite some time. She called ME back a while after that and decided she'd pull him from the shelter the next day, have him neutered and checked out by the vet. He was placed in foster care the next night. I called N to check that everything went okay and that the little guy was settling in all right (she proceeded to also tell me how fabulous he was!).

L strongly encouraged, and was happy to hear I would be bringing my whole family to meet the cat. N too. Neither one of them put any pressure on us to feel like we had to take him if we met him and didn't "connect" (though we ended up connecting immediately, all three of us!) - quite to the contrary - they only asked that we'd look at some other kitties if we decided against Cosmo (who was named "Grayson" by them).

We met Cosmo the next day and it was love at first sight. He is truly a special cat. N told me he'd probably cry in the car on the way home, but he didn't! He was quiet as my daughter talked to him the whole ride home (only meowed a few times).

Before we left N's house we finished up with the papers. She gave us all the vet records and test results. She told us there was a recommended $60 donation, but that they never stopped a donation for someone who couldn't pay. We gave her $100 and she got upset, telling us it was too much and that L would be mad - but I cut her off and said take it, we had already decided on the amount ahead of time and to use it to save another kitty for some nice family - she literally cried she was so touched (and I really wanted to give more!)

After we got Cosmo into the carrier and we went upstairs to leave, she was telling me about how people will drive up in Mercedes or BMWs to adopt a cat and then complain about the $60 fee! Goes to show...

I was (and am) SO happy with our experience (and of course the outcome). I was just wondering how you guys decide if a family is suitable for a cat, and vice versa. How do you handle the donation thing? Is my experience common, cause it feels exceptional!

L & N were incredible ladies, with very kind spirits! I have sent them two rounds of update pictures showing Cosmo with us in his new home, and she was genuinely happy to see he's adjusting well...
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All the rescue groups and rescue people I've met have been pretty nice.

I adopted my kitties from a rescue group. Instead of doing petfinder I went to the pet store nearest me (that did rescue adoptions on the weekend). I'd carefully thought out all the considerations and what kind of cats would suit us best etc.

I got there and said "I want two" they pointed at two and I took them.

Actually, I spent a little more time on it than that. But not much. And I adore my kitties.

I gave them a $40 deposit that day (I couldn't take them home quite yet, had to neaten the house up first - we were on the tail end of moving into our new animal-ok apartment). The foster mom, who was not actually a member of the rescue group but was working with them, brought them over the next day. I ended up giving them another $120, normally kitties are $100 each, but since I adopted two they wouldn't take the full amount (they were really happy to get them adopted together -- they were really bonded and people kept wanting one or the other). She stayed with the kitties at my place and we chatted and watched the cats for a bit before she left (the kitties cried when she left! I felt so bad, but they settled in ok in a week or two).

My experience was good, but different. I still e-mail the foster mommy sometimes.

I also volunteer for an almost no-kill shelter (depends on your definition). They don't do meetings at houses or anything like that. It's a little less personal. But I like and trust them. They get a feel for people by talking before they adopt them out, and verifying that landlords allow pets etc over the phone. There fees are absolute though, you ahve to be able to pay to adopt an animal (although there are discounts for senior animals).

I've babbled a bit. I like rescue groups though.
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