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Anyone have bail $ to get me out of jail!? VENTING..

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I am sooooooo ready to beat the ^%&$*&^%$ out of this man which might get me thrown into jail!!

About 8 months ago, this man who I'll call "JERK" was visiting someone who had a cat.. The owner saw the jerk petting the cat and immediately told the jerk that she didn't want the cat and wanted Jerk to take the cat. Jerk didn't want to at first but after 2 friends of his who knew me mentioned they were sure I'd take the cat so he decided to take the cat so he'd give the cat to me..

He came up to me the next day and said "Oh, when can I drop the cat off at your home?" I was TOTALLY CLUELESS. After hearing his story, I told him that first of all, he never asked me if I'd take the cat. Secondly, I already had enough cats and couldn't take another one. He was shocked and said he couldn't keep the cat. I gave him some contact info about various organizations and told him that either he take her to a no kill shelter or keep her.

For the next 8 months, he'd come up to me in church, whine about the cat, and ask if I'd take her.. I tried to educate him about caring for the cat, encouraged him to take her to the vet to be fixed and get her shots, told him about TCS, etc.. He didn't want to put in extra effort or spend more money than necessary on her....

WELLL, on EASTER SUNDAY, he walked up to me in church and told me that if I wouldn't take the cat NOW that he'd dump her on the streets!!! I pleaded with him NOT to do that and to take her to a no kill shelter instead. He had the NERVE to say "what's the big deal about throwing her outside? What could happen!?" I proceeded to explain some of the hazards that outside cats face and that his cat doesn't have the necessary survival skills to live on the streets since she has been indoor all her life from what I understand. I informed him that I would get some shelters/rescue org info for him so he could surrender her to them..

The next day after I sent him about 5 organizations contact info (which took me some time) he had the NERVE to email me and say that he didn't have the time to call all 5 organizations.. He'd call ONE and if that org wouldn't take the cat then I must take the cat by Thurs or else she'd be on the street. he said "I want her gone by Thurs- I don't like her and can't stand to look at her". That POOR CAT!!

I ended up calling and emailing everyone from various rescue organizations/shelters (at least 50 shelters/organizations in our area!!) WHILE I WAS AT WORK for over 3 hours because he was TOO LAZY to do that! I just couldn't allow that cat to be dumped outside but at the same time, I couldn't take her in -one of my cats is having some health issues that I am struggling to resolve and he knew that.. I have not been able to sleep well at nights because I have been worrying about this poor cat who I have never met or seen..

After hearing back from so many no kill shelters/org that they were all full and couldn't help out, I was ready to cry and give up hope... I finally got an email from one organization and the lady said they could make room for her IF I could get her tested for FELV and FIV. If she's tested neg then she'll be put in their foster program. She mentioned that the tests would cost approx. 20 dollars.. I was soooooo estastic! I immediately emailed him and told him the news and told him to call his vet and get her in ASAP for the tests..

You know what?????????????????????? He emailed me back and said "$20?? I guess I'll pay $20 if that's what it has to happen to get rid of her. Ok, where do I take her for this?" After I told him that he needed to call a vet to schedule an appt, he emaild me back and said he didn't have time to call vets and asked if I could do it then asked if I could take her by THURS since HE had to go to work Thurs afternoon!!

I ended up calling various vets today for 3 hours trying to find a vet that would charge only $20 for this since I knew he'd refuse to pay more than $20.. After finding one vet that would do this, I emailed him, gave him the contact info and told him to call that vet to schedule an appt asap for tomorrow.

After two hours of not hearing back from him and emailing him again to ask he respond, he had the nerve to say "Oh, I just got back from helping a friend. I don't have time to call the vet. Can you call the vet and set up an appt. I can take her before 10 or after 2 or I can drop her off at your home and you can take care of this."

I about LOST it at that point. I was sooooo ready to scream at him.. I finally called the vet and scheduled an appt for tmr at 10:15. I emailed the JERK and said "Jerk- I am so so so disappointed in you! Bring the cat to my apt at 9:15 with all her stuff and money (CASH) for the costs of the tests."

I have not heard back from him since this afternoon so now I am freaking out that he got mad at my email and either decided to dump her or something!!

PLEASE send me positive vibes that he will drop the cat off tmr on time AND that I won't kill him!!
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Well good luck with it. "Jerk" sounds like a lazy ass to me and I'll bet you'll get stuck covering the cost and all that... but it's worth it to save a cat! At least he didn't just dump the cat immediately, I'll give him that.

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How kind of you to only refer to the jerk as a jerk. I would be ready to pull my hair out by now! (since I couldn't pull out his) Sending you good vibes to find this poor baby and get her to a foster home. It is so good of you to take the time to help her. Please keep us posted on what happens.
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Sending soothing vibes to you,, and sympathetic/your-too-good-for-him-anyway vibes to this little cat.
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Positive vibes coming your way. If he do decide to give him a what for and a why not..... we are all behind you!
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Whoa! I can't believe that &*^%*)(*(*(&&*%%^%^)^$#$

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AWWWWWWWWW.... Thank u all for ur support and understanding!! So I can count on u guys to visit me in jail if I end up beating him up eh?

I FINALLY heard back from him and he said he will bring her over at 9:15. After I get the cat, her stuff and the money from him, then I am going to give him a PIECE of my mind and tell him some things that will hopefully scare him. Some organizations who I contacted regarding this situation told me that I should report him to the animal control due to him threatening to abandon the cat so I will tell him about THAT and tell him I was SOOOO close to doing it.

On a positive side- the organization who will hopefully help if she's tested negative for FIV and FELV emailed me and asked what her name was. I realized that HE never told me her name-he always referred to her as "THAT cat"!! After thinking about it for a while, I emailed the organization back and told them that I doubted she had a name then suggested we name her "HOPE" because I was ready to give up hope for finding her a foster home before I heard back from this organization and that they gave me and the cat hope for her future.. They LOVED that name so that's her official name for now.. "HOPE"!

I will be seeing Hope at 9:15 and taking her to the vet to be tested. I don't know what I will do if she's tested POSITIVE because I cannot take her in but I know he won't take her back... I am trying to think positive about that.

Send me POSITIVE VIBES still that I won't KILL that JERK and that everything will go well for Hope at the vet and that she's tested NEGATIVE. I will try to take a picture of her with my pager and post it here. The picture will probably be very grainy because my pager's "camera" isn't great but it's better than nothing right?
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Sending lots of vibes for you and Hope - as for Jerk - he's not worthy of any of my thoughts. If he behaves like that - nasty things are sure to come his way in life because he must behave like that all the time. Horrible man.

Loads of vibes and hugs for you and Hope . Thank you for sticking with this and rescuing Hope from a dreadful situation.
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When you give hima peice of your mind, make sure you and the kitty are safe and he can't forecefully take her back from you. Do you think he'd sign a paper that would relinquish (sp?) any claim he has to her?

Good luck and good vibes!!
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Horrible man! I'm sorry you've had to deal with him, but good on you for persevering!

to you and Hope! (Great name for her, by the way! ) Sending Good }}}VIBES{{{ to you and Hope and }}}VIBES{{{ for a negative result!

Let us know how it all goes and good luck with Jerk! We're all behind you!
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Visit you in jail! Heck, we'll take up a collection to bail you out!
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2
Visit you in jail! Heck, we'll take up a collection to bail you out!
AWWWWWW!!!!!! THANKS!!!!! I am pretty darned PROUD of myself for how I handled myself with him today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was soo tempted to slap him and really tell him off but I didn't!! I controlled myself with him.. I don't get ANGRY enough often that I'd be wanting to do physical violence (don't believe in violence) so that shows you how angry I am..

Originally, when he arrived at my home, I opened the door and he immediately started apologizing. I cut him off and said "where's the cat?" He said "in the van". I said "go get her and everything else now." and shut the door in his face. ("Everything"- I had told him earlier via emails to bring her litterbox, food she's used to eating, toys, carrier, etc so I could give that to the rescue organization to use for Hope)

He came back 1 min later with the cat and everything else. I opened
the door- told him to stay at the door (wouldn't let him enter my home) and I took everything from him into the living room then I said "Where's the money?" He said "I don't have it. I need to get it from a bank." I said "go to the bank NOW and get it." and shut the door in his face again..

About 5-10 min later, he came back and I opened the door.. I put my hand out for the money and took it. He started saying "Can I explain?" I said "NO!" and shut the door in his face again.

I just got an email from him after this happened and I couldn't believe what he said! He basically said he was very sorry and begged for my forgiveness. (that's pure manipulative and BS to me!) I am going to reply to his email after I calm down AND basically tell him some home truths! I am going to tell him that some organizations had recommended that I report him to the animal control for threatening to abandon Hope.. Also that if I hear that he ever gets another animal that I WILL report him to the animal control. NO animals should suffer living with such a SELFISH, LAZY, SELF CENTERED person like him!!

Now for the POSITIVE SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took Hope to the vet with crossed fingers and PRAYING that she'd be tested negative for FELV and FIV... She was tested NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
I was soooo RELIEVED!!! That means PAW, the rescue organization who said they'd foster her if she was tested negative, WILL foster and find a great home for her!!!

She reminds me soo much of Buddy my boy! I took 2 pics of her using my pager. The pics aren't too great but you get the idea of how she looked. This was at the vet so she was looking sad and terrified.. I kept petting and cuddling her the whole time..

I feel so relieved now knowing that Hope is SAFE and that I've done a good thing today..... Why is it that I feel like crying now??
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Oh what a precious little one she is. Its normal to feel like crying because you have all those emotions and keeping them in check has to be the hardest - I am glad that she is negative, and the relief is probably whats going to make you cry.

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Wow! We're sitting here with tears in our eyes too.. I'm so glad Hope tested negative. She is such a beautiful kitty - as my daughter said - who could be so cruel to such a beautiful kitty.

I am sure she will find a loving furever home in no time.

Well done for handling it in such an assertive manner. As for Jerk, he can try to crawl out of this anyway he likes - but the bottom line is he is a selfish, self-centred, lazy jerk and he knows you know it.
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awweee.. such a wonderful story it's too bad people like 'jerk' exist I think you should not be angry at him entirely, but rather also at your friends who said you'll take another cat without asking... he was just saddled with a burden of having a cat he thought he'd just give to you
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Bless your heart and bless that sweet kitty's heart!
To call that guy a JERK is putting it lightly! Yo've shows much more strength and tact than I would have in that situation!!!
Thank goodness the kitty is ok and will go to a great home- thanks to YOU and no thanks to that guy.
You mentioned that he's approached you in church....doesn't sound like those sermons about love and compassion have sunk in yet huh???
Don't worry, if you go to jail over this jerk, I know some great animal-loving attorneys!!!
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How could anyone not love that sweet face? You did a great thing in helping her get a second chance.
I can't believe now that it is all taken care of that jerk wants to be forgiven. The nerve of some people!
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Good lord what a total *&%$#@!!!! I cannot imagine being able to hold it together as well as you have through all of this. I would be crying with complete anger and frustration and desire to kill.

Good for you for saving this gorgeous kitty cat. I hope she finds a beautiful home.
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I'm just catching up on your incredibly touching story, Pamela. Bless you for helping this precious baby! Hope is so very beautiful! I'm just so thrilled she is now receiving the special care and loves she deserves.She will soon find her furrever home where she will be cherished and treated like the Princess she is!
Shame, shame, shame on JERK for treating her so badly! How could anyone not love such a sweet baby! People like JERK should never be blessed with the honor or love of a kitty in their sorry, wretched, pitiful lives!I don't know that I would have been able to fight the temptation to report this sorry person. It's a good thing you didn't give his real information, because he'd likely find himself with a bunch of ticked off TCS members beating on his door! If you should decide to beat him up, I'll be the first to post your bail!
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Hope is so lucky that you were there for her. JERK needs to know that what goes around comes around. If he has no compassion for an animal he wouldnt have much for a person either.
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Bumping for a friend to read..
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Originally Posted by Pamela
I feel so relieved now knowing that Hope is SAFE and that I've done a good thing today..... Why is it that I feel like crying now??
The overwhelming sense of relief and the joy of knowing she will be safe and get a nice home is enough to make anyone cry (except the jerk, of course). I'm so glad there are people like you in the world who care about furbabies and make the effort to keep them safe.
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HE sounds like a complete A*******E!!!!!
my gosh i would have slapped him even worse punched him or slammed his face with my fryingpan!
"can i explain" what a load of BS!
he knew you were an easy target this is why he picked on you!
and from now on
I hate people who wag their toungues so much when they dont even know anything!
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Here's 2 more pics of Hope and her official "adopt me" ad!


Here's an email from a lady who is currently fostering her (I emailed to get an update on Hope). Looks like there might be a potential adopter already!! Keep ur fingers crossed for her!!

Hope is doing well. Her surgery went fine. Right now, I have her in my home. She was initially scared and timid - actually hid in a closet. Now, the closet door is closed and she comes out of her new cat bed whenever a person comes to visit her. She is still somewhat scared of my other cats. I'm slowing introducing her to them.

Hope will go to her foster home next weekend. Her fosters are currently dog sitting for the week and can't take another cat until the dog goes home. I understand from her "soon to be fosters" that they may have a potential adopter for her already. Keep your figners crossed.



I still have not replied to the "JERKO" yet.. Trying to cool down a bit before I reply.
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Originally Posted by fwan
HE sounds like a complete A*******E!!!!!
my gosh i would have slapped him even worse punched him or slammed his face with my fryingpan!
"can i explain" what a load of BS!
he knew you were an easy target this is why he picked on you!
and from now on
I hate people who wag their toungues so much when they dont even know anything!
I agree with you about him! I was really close to slapping him. The only thing that held me back was the fact that I am a Christian and doesn't believe in violence AND I didn't want to go to jail because then who would take care of MY FURBABIES?!?

I have already talked to the 2 guys who had originally said that and they apologized big time... It was nice to see two men grovelling for my forgiveness.. They have no idea of the recent incident with the JERKO. Another friend who knows told me that I need to tell them so they will really chew him out and tell him where to go so I think I will have a good talking with them soon and see if they will also give him h*** for me..
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:bump: :bump:
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I just can't believe the JERK! (a brief summary for those who don't know what I'm talking about- the JERK tried to force me to take his cat by threatening to abandon her outside and leave her to fend for herself and really took advantage of me regarding this. Further details can be found at http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...t=47357&page=1 ). I was soo close to beating him up!!!! Which would've been a hilarious sight cuz he's a huge guy about 6'9 and 200 pounds while I am only 5'1 and 120 pounds.

I just got an email from the JERK today....................... In the subject line he said "How is my cat?"..

In the email itself, "he said I wonder if my cat got FIV or not. Did it find a place to stay with? Please kindly answer me so I can rest from worrying ...


I can't BELIEVE he had the NERVE to ask me this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He had the nerve to say he was worrying about Hope?! (the cat-I named her Hope) After threatening to abandon her outside?!? She's WAY TOO THIN and TERRIFIED so that means HE didn't take good care of her!

I am NOT going to respond to his emails until I get back from my vacation meaning April 18th! When I do respond, I am going to really chew him out..
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Pamela, you did the right thing by taking the cat.. now, just <breathe>

How's Hope doing? is she with you still or did you already passed her on to another organization.

I'd not even reply to the email, or if you do, say something like: People who did not care for their animals do not deserve to know what happened to them, JERK!
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Originally Posted by RarePuss
I'd not even reply to the email, or if you do, say something like: People who did not care for their animals do not deserve to know what happened to them, JERK!

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Wow! What a jerk!
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