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Does he know?

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I have a routine I do when I leave the house for longer periods, like for work etc. Some of it is rather subtle, just checking the windows etc. I noted the past few days the MINUTE I start doing this my little buddy goes under the table and hides. He doesn't do that if I grab my jacket and run out the door but if I start the walking around the house thing. Does he know I am going for a bit?
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I don't know about the "hiding" bit.
When my gang sees me about to leave, they go to their "nap" spots. Sometimes it's under the table or sofa or by my bedroom door.
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Cosmo is falling into the "go to the nap spot" routine too. Three days a week I go to work outside the house for several hours... he's coming to know my shower-get-ready-to-go routine. When I pick up my keys and check to make sure I'm not forgetting anything, he mosies off to his favorite nap spot under my daughter's bed by the heat
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My cats keep each other company so they don't show me signs that they recognize when I'm leaving. My dogs on the other hand wait for me at the bottom of the stairs (bedrooms are upstairs where they are not allowed) and when they see me in sweats, they are all excited. When they see me in work clothes, their tails and heads go down and they walk rejectedly to their kennels.
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When I get ready to leave or in the morning before I take off for work... Frodo scrambles to the door and squats down in front of door. It's like he's saying... "Take me with you."

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Mine know when I am leaving for work. Sam hears my keys, and waits by the front door to go with me. He doesn't do that every time he hears keys, just in the mornings. (He learned that because I do take him with me sometimes, I work just down the stairs from my apartment).
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Guinness knows exactly if I am going to be going out leaving him. As soon as I put my shoes & jacket on he starts to roll over right in front of me. I live in a flat so normally when I am walking down the stairs to the front door he will stand by the banisters and try and swipe me as I walk by! lol

He is very clever as he also knows if I come home alone or have guests with me. If it is the later he will normally run and hide or go out in the garden. If it is just me he will walk in and out of my legs for some love
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I think they do because after i've done my makeup downstairs, Rosie and Sophie follow me up while i get dressed but they go straight into their room and wait until i go in to give them their kiss goodbye.
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Originally Posted by yayi
I don't know about the "hiding" bit.
When my gang sees me about to leave, they go to their "nap" spots. Sometimes it's under the table or sofa or by my bedroom door.
Marsh does too! When i'm going to work and about to step out teh door (5min prior), he'll go to his favorite spot (highest shelf in my closet of all places - I have a comfy, warm blanket there for him) and sleep until i come home for lunch. I find him exactly where i left him
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Mine scatter when we're about to leave. They all go to their favorite spots. Miss Jess on her cat tree, Dusty on the sofa, Snickers in the fruit bowl, Zorro to the back patio door, Hammie 'all over the place' and KC back upstairs to her pillow on my bed.

When we come home at night -- they all swarm me for food!
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When we leave, CJ and Billy stand in the kitchen, and watch us walk out, then they run to the Florida room, and get on the windowsill, and watch us leave, sometimes.
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Oh, I'd say he knows. Pets probably know our routines better than we do, and definitely pick up on things like checking the windows, pulling out plugs, putting on make-up, etc.. Jamie always watches to see if I put my contacts in and make-up on, and complains, because he knows I'm "leaving" him.
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He did it again today, I did a few very minor things and he went under the table. He never used to go under that table.
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