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Wish Me Luck!!!

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I am headed right now to apply for some good jobs. One is at Alamo Car Rental and I hope to get it. Wish me good luck. As soon as I get a new job, its so long to Seven Eleven. I only work six hours a week!! Can you believe it?
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GOOD LUCK !! Neena. . . You can do it!! Hold your head up High, March in there and show 'em that you are exactly what they are looking for. . . . . Let me know how it goes.
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Good luck. We know you will land this job. Keep us posted.

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Good luck to you.
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Well, I went to fill out the application for Alamo. They want me to work on Saturdays so I declined. I don't know why employers can't understand. I have custody of my children every weekend. When they come, I spend every minute of the day playing and interacting with them. I can't find a babysitter. I don't trust anyone to watch my kids. After I finish school in about a few months, I can find a full time job and I can work on Saturday if I can get Sundays and Mondays off. My kids are very important and I don't want them to feel that they don't have a mother.
But I have good news. I came home last night, feeling like I can't find a good employer, then I listened to my answering machines and found calls from two places were I sent a resume. I have an interview on Monday with one and another on the 3rd of December. The second one is temporary because I may be working for the Utah Jazz(the professional basketball team here) as a file and office clerk. So the job will last the whole season of basketball. Its okay though. It will give me the chance to finish training in school and gain some experience in the office enviornment.
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You go. I'm sure the right job is calling. The man above has our lives set up for us so he knows what's going to happen. Keep your chin up and the right job will come.

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Good luck finding the right job, Nena! It can be tough but it's worth it.

And of course your children come first!

Do you speak Spanish? That could be a real asset, like to be a patient advocate at a hospital or to do telephone work of some kind. Just kind of thinking out loud . . .
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