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Radio question for the today: 03/30/05

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Sorry I didn't do yesterday's question and am so late today......I have some sort of stomach thing going on.......

How did your parents meet? (they didn't go into detail when they called in, but feel free to if you want)
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mine both worked as engineers in russia. They sat at desks positioned exactly one against the other, so they were facing each other. I guess after looking at each other for a while, they fell in love awwweee

They're been happily married for 31 years
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My parents meet in a hall dance ( so romantic isn´t )
Oh Susie sending (((((good vibes))))) to you for you soon recovery, please if you feel tired, try to rest.
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Mom & dad met in a bar here in Kentucky. He was a preppie city slicker and momma was a hot little country girl. They got married 6 months later.

Married 39 yrs and they have not killed each other (yet)!
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My parents met in a bar. Needless to say they divorced when we were 3.
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Mum and Dad worked with each other

Still not feeling any better chick?!
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Thanks Rigel...

My parents met when she was 15 and was the popcorn girl at a movie theatre that Dad was managing....he was 19. That was in 1953. They were married 50 years when Dad passed...
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Mum and Dad worked with each other

Still not feeling any better chick?!
A little bit better Sooz, but still feel like doo doo
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you ate too many eggs susie aww get better soon

um.. my dad was in a pizza shop eating and he saw my mum and her friend talking (in sign language) and so he decided to ask my mum out
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My Mom and Dad went to highschool together but my MOm wasn't interested in my Dad at all. She liked his older brother. So Uncle Dale asked her out and when it came time for the date, my Dad was at the door. Why she still went out with him I can not imagine. At any rate they will have been married 34 years next month so I guess it all worked out for the best.
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my mum and dad went the same school
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my mum was dating my dad's brother this all sounds wrong somehow - I think I'll stop there
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My dad drove a Taxi while in school to make money, and my mom had taken a job as a taxi dispatcher......and true love bloomed? lol
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My dad was a dashing young sailor - a Navy photographer. My mom was working in the newspaper/PR department at the base. He hounded her for months until she finally agreed to go out on a date.

They will celebrate their 34th anniversary this coming Sunday.
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Ooh I love the story

My father played in a band, and my mom went to one of his shows. the rest is history
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Susie, I hope your stomach gets to feeling better!
My mom was a waitress the summer that she met my dad and they met at the resort she worked at. Though with all the bad stuff that has gone on in my family through the years, I really wish they had never met at all!
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My grandmother remembers when they first met. It was a 4th of July picnic during WWII, and I think it was one of the first times Dad's mother brought him out for everyone to see, since she was a single mother while Grandpa was in the war. They were both in strollers. Went to the same school in a very small town. Dated throughout high school, except during football (Christmas) and track (Valentine's Day). Dad was a smart one. Broke up for a while in college, but ended up together. They were married for 35 years when Mom passed.

Dad always said, he married the only 10 he ever met. But I think he may have met another 10 now....
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My parents were set up through mutual friends on a blind date.
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My dad dated my Mom's best friend. That's how they met.
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Hope you're feeling better now, Susie!

My Mum and Dad met at work! (everyone was after my Dad, but my Mum got him! )
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They met at a bar. Ironically, drinking, which is what started their relationship is also what ended their relationship.

"Ah, Beer. The cause of . . .and solution to . . .all of life's problems."
-The Simpsons
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My mom got a job at a grocery store and my dad was the produce manager! Mom was only 18 and dad was 26. They ended up engaged 3 months later and married a year after that. Needless to say mom had to leave the grocery store thanks to their relationship. But, they have been together for 33 years now.
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They worked for the same company.
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Though with all the bad stuff that has gone on in my family through the years, I really wish they had never met at all!
Bad idea! If they hadn't met, we wouldn't have you!
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My Dad was in the Air Force and was stationed here in California (He was from Rhode Island). My Grandpa was a civilian employee at the base. They were having a bowling banquet at the base and my Grandparents, my Mom, and my Uncle all went. When they were there my Dad (who hates to dance) asked my Mom to dance. They were married right after he was discharged from the Air Force. It was going to be sooner but my Dad had to have a special security clearance for his job and if he married my Mom they would also have to do a background check on her. Since he was just a couple months away from his discharge the Air Force didn't want to spend the money to check out my Mom. If they would have got married my Dad would have had to be re-assinged to a janitorial job so they just waited.
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