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Jordan's coughing again.

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So Jordans cough never really went away, but the vet though it might be hair balls. On Monday he did his little cough thing & then was wheezeing for a while. I called the vet today & she suggested it might me an asthmatic irritation from things like hair spray & carpet powders. I don't use carpet powders, but I do use hair spary, so i'm going to stop using that (I'm not sure my hair will ever be the same but if it helps my baby it's worth it.) I'm also going to have to get rid of my air freshners & anything I use that ends up in the air as a find mist. However, she did bring up heart worm, which I've looked into & I know it's bad. She said he should be tested the next time he's in, but that's not until october or november. I've got a coupld questions, first does anyone here have experince with asthma and second would you get a second opinon since she didn't seem to want me to bring him in unless he had an emergancy?? (truth be told if it's heart worm I'm not sure I really want to know because from everything I've read there's nothing that can be done about it)
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I really would get in for another appt. I would request an x ray to confirm or rule out asthma, and I would also have the heartworm test done. If indeed it is heartworm, there is no treatment for cats, but if it's caught early enough, you can put them on heartgard, it has a growth inhibitor in it, and they can live for years with heartworm while taking the medication. Neither problem is anything that should wait until October.
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Rang I am thinking and sending good, strong, healing vibes NOW.
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