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the beast - 6/6/06

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I was driving to work this morning listening to an interview of the creator of a movie that is set to come out on 6/6/06 called "The Beast." Anyone heard anything of this??

Here's the site:
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I'm not sure what the movie will be like exactly. Originally I thought it would be a documentary but looking at the website that doesn't seem to be the case. From the guy on the radio I gathered that it's a movie regarding the historical proof that Jesus did not exist. It's not really against a religion but more so about the "fact" that the jesus stories and gospels are just that--stories. He agreed that the stories are a good guide for your life but that it is a work of fiction designed to try and explain the universe without having the technology that we do today.
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Hmm...the story looks interesting. I figured it would be a cheesy horror flick.
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Oddly enough the first thing that came to my mind is the book Sophie's World. From the name of the show, I thought it would be like that recent Keanu Reeves action pack movie.
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I guess they are releasing a "teaser" full length documentary to come out this summer called "the God.. who wasn't there" to kind of start the promotion of the beast film. It's definitely a very pointed attack on christianity and I think it is really going to cause some problems. I personally am interested because I am continously having religious issues. But the way they are doing this film IS in a hollywood kind of way which really will completely take away any validity that their side of the argument presents. This seems to be even more of a money hungry endeavor than was "the passion" and it's a pity that people are collecting on the core beliefs or disbeliefs that people have.
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Oooh, sounds creepy, coming out on 6-6-06. Naturally, I can't wait to watch it alone at home on a rainy night!
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