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My 100th post!

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Wow after only 2 years I've finally made my 100th post a few minutes ago. Phew. So much time for so little writing especially when you look at members who've made like 6000 posts!

I'm not sure what i'm celebrating.....but i decided to say something about it! :P
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Whoa there! Don't burn up that keyboard with all of that typing! There are some members with like 14,000 or something posts! Congrats, though.
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Well done! Any goal is one worth reaching and you did it!! I'm right behind you! I'm looking forward to my 100th too!!
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Congrats Kimichan you just made your 100th post!
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Yay!! Congratulations. Keep those posts coming!
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Originally Posted by stephenq
Congrats Kimichan you just made your 100th post!
Thanks! Isn't that funny! I made my 100th post, posting a congratulations to you for your 100th!! We have a special bond now!!
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It is wonderful that you are such a contributor for this community with your support and your great advice, but as editor of this site, I would love it if you had just reached your 100th article you submitted for TCS!

I'm teasing- congrats on your 100th post
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Congratulations to both of you!

Are you connected with Kitty Kind, Stephenq? I was reading about them and thought about donating a little their way . I really had not heard of them until I clicked on a pop up here. I donate to another animal agency right now but I have been looking for a "no kill" shelter.
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Kimichan: we are bonded! Meow!
Hissy: very funny! Btw I sent u an email today :>
Captiva: Yes I am an adoption rep with Kittykind, and i'll contact you privately re: donating, but i'll mention here that we always appreciate donations, we *need* donations as we are entirely funded privately. Thanks for asking!
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, Stephen and Kimichan! Now you can also post on IMO!
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Cool now i know why i *couldn't* post on IMO
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congrats Fella, keep that way!
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Ill get there one day!!!!
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