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How long should one keep their feral kittens contained?? I had my feral kittens for a little over a month now (they are about 3 months old) and they are getting tired of being in the bathroom - always trying to run out into the bedroom and crying when we lock them in the bathroom. They are friendly to me when im in the bathroom with them (letting me hold and pet them)but when they come out into the bedroom they run around and if i try to come near them, they run away -- I think its becuase they are afraid we will put them back into the bathroom.

what should i do?
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Personally, I would let them out of the bathroom into the house. They need to run and play and stretch. Yes, they will run from you, but in time they will come to accept you as long as you put them on a regular feeding schedule and don't deviate. Be sure you have enough litter pans for them- I don't know how many kittens you have- but they need more than one pan-
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Thanks for the advice. I've begun letting them out occasionally. I was worried it was too soon. I try to stick to a regular feeding schedule as well. I only have 2 kittens and thought that one litter box was enough but i guess i have to get another.

Thanks again
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