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Anyone dread going to the dentist? I was supposed to go today because a few of my teeth have been bothering me (not hurting, but aching). I didn't want to go, so I re-scheduled my appointment for next week. I hate going to the dentist. I would much rather go to a doctor instead of a dentist. The drilling, etc...... I was supposed to just get them x-rayed. And, if anything is wrong, they'll fix it right then and there!
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I always put off going to the dentist. I'm lucky enough to have good teeth so I don't need to go too often. I'm pregnant now and I read that this is a very bad time for your teeth. The hormones are supposed to make the mouth more acidic and hurt your teeth. The books say that a woman should have her teeth checked prior to pregnancy or at least at the very beginning to make sure everything is fine. I just can't bring myself to do that

That said, if you do need to see the dentist, it's best to have it done and over with really.
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I have cancelled my dentist appt 3 months in a row now..I guess the work will have to be done at my 6 month cleaning..
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I too hate going to the dentist....I think I have a phobea about them, and they terrify me!!!!
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