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Please help Tortie

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A couple of days ago my friend's cat, named Tortie, got taken to the vet after developing a lump. Turns out poor girl has a tumor and the poor guy doesn't have the money to pay for the operation to get it removed. I've given him some money but I can't manage to give him all the money he needs because I don't have much cash myself right now. So, he opened up a site to help get donations for it. It's over at I'm hoping he gets enough donations, he's had Tortie for a few years and I love that little gal. If you could please donate anything at all, I know he would be extremely happy and Tortie could have a better chance at living through this before the tumor gets too big.


Not many people are checking out the site. If you could please check it out that'd be great, or if you would please donate and would like to go straight to the donation page, go here .
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I would suggest your friend contact IMOM an organization that helps some people pay for vet procedures. IMOM will only help under certain circumstances though. There is a form to fill out and they will let you know.

Unfortunately this type of situation sometimes turns into a scam so most people are leery of getting involved. That's when IMOM and other organizations can step in, because they do a complete investigation of all the facts for anyone that they help.

Good luck to your friend and his tortie. You will find IMOM and other resources at this link here:

I know that last year, I had to come up with a couple thousand dollars for vet bills. My vet clinic worked with me in small payments I could handle and recently they got paid off-
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Sadly the sites on there that are useful for him [as we live in the UK] are mostly about disease and rather not about helping him pay the bills. I'm pretty sure we have checked through a lot of sites and it's just something that we can't do. He never got himself any pet insurance which I bugged him about, which leaves him in a pretty bad situation. Which is why he's really hoping to get donations through here to help pay for the costs.
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Oh it is unfortunate that the UK does not have an organization like IMOM- it is surprising as well because the UK seems so pet oriented.
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Yeah. We've checked books and the internet and everything and the organisations are practically all cat breeding or cat lover guilds and other various things, which doesn't technically help. Sad thing is I think he was planning on taking on another kitty at some point this year but it doesn't look like it'll be happening now.
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There's also Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program at this site:
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Sadly that's still in the US and no assistance to us.
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You might try! The worst they can say is "no!"
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We could, but chances are it's unlikely because we're across an ocean. Thanks anyway, but really he's just having to hope for Paypal donations.
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Added a link to donate directly as not many people are checking the site.
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KittyFlux..I know many people have concerns about sending money directly to an may help to provide the address of the vet office so people can send money directly to the vet for Teddy.

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Also, you will have to excuse our members. Most of them give in their areas, either of their time, or their money for different causes. We have many charitiable people on board, but sadly in the past, these types of pleas have turned around and bitten some of our giving members hard. Now, they concentrate on giving to causes they can directly track to find out if the monies sent are really being used for what is asked of them. Sadly it is one bad apple that can spoil the giving nature of people.
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I've just come off the phone to Adam [he's the guy who owns Tortie], he phoned the vet like I told them to earlier but apparently they won't take any donations they receive in the mail to go towards the surgery. Evil vet.

I suggested maybe he lets me post his address but unfortunately he's not keen on the idea of people having his address because absolutely anyone could send stuff to him. Come to think of it, I feel slightly stupid for having suggested it. He's still holding out on the Paypal donation idea but he checked and he hasn't had any donations so far despite all the page views. I guess he's happy his site is popular but by the sounds of it he's very worried about Tortie.
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Get in touch with the Blue Cross or The Cats Protection because they will see him if he has no funds.

Let me know what area in the UK your from and i can get a number of one for you.
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He is going to get in touch with the Cats Protection League later today and if that runs dry, he'll talk to the Blue Cross. But he says he thinks his outlook is dim, which is worrying him even more. Apparently the lump feels bigger to him.
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I'm a member of the Cats Protection and they never usually turn anyone away, but The Blue Cross would be his best option first as thats a proper animal hospital.

Let us know what happens.
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I hope it works out and all is good........
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