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Originally Posted by CoolCat
I love your signals of aware!!!
Woaw, we must to be careful when we to visit you! ... ..

LOL, I bought that for Billy because he did attack us twice, once me, and then my mom. He was having a territorial problem, because his stray momma, whom he couldn't remember, had snuck into the house, and scratched him. He was spraying everywhere, and when I came in the house with Biff's smell on me, my outside tomcat, he went crazy and attacked me when I turned my back. We gave him a second chance, and he attacked my mom. We gave him up for adoption, but missed him too much, and got him back. We got him neutered, and haven't had a problem since. No spraying, watches Biff, and he's fine. But, that's why I got that sign. LOL!
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Click to enlarge photos...

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These first four are for comparison of size. In the first one, Elle is attacking an average size TV remote control. In the rest, I used my shoe for comparison. I know I'll get laughed at, but it's a size 11 shoe that they are standing by. They're getting pretty big, but they're still so small!

In the these ones with Elle, I wanted to show her eye color. She's two-toned, just like her momma. Her right eye is just turning orange. Can't really tell except that it's darker. Just found it out today! I think she had unilateral hearing, too.

Here's one of Mirah... I had more, but they're all blurry because she just wouldn't stay still!!!

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Oh, Cassie! I didn't you know had an odd-eyed kitten too! How exciting!

- Kim
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I just found out she is. It's just now turning. Just like her momma!
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thise are adorable!
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Thanks! Here's one more of CJ and Billy! Hee hee hee!

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