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Brushing a Longhair's Belly without getting bit?

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Just wondering if anyone has tips for brushing Lovey.
I have been trying to introduce him to the brush over a period of time.

I would run it over him once and if he didn't attack it, would treat him.
We have progressed to where I can crush up some treats on the floor and while he is busily eating, I can brush him.

IF he gets wise and realizes that I am brushing him, he will gradually get more and more irritated to where he bites the brush repeatedly.

But overall, I have been able to do it.
However, doing his belly is another concern..He doesn't like anyone to really touch it excessively anyway and will not let a brush near there.

Anyone have any tips to do this area quickly where he is distracted in some way on his back?

Its mainly his belly and his back that has the longest hair and I don't want it to mat up.
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I have the same problem with my Wallace and Lewis. I don't have the magic answer or anything. What I do is hold them up under their front legs having them stand on their hind feet... they are standing up while I'm holding them up with my arm under their front legs ( I hope this makes sense) and then brush that way. I can only do it for a bit but it helps as neither will let my brush them with them lying on their backs....they love belly rubs and sratches but the brushing of the belly is another matter. Luckily they aren't prone to matting.
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two words- Zoom Groom
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Thanks for the tip!
Will try to locate one in my area
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my cats don't like having their belly's brushed either. I just have to do a little tiny bit at a time and be happy with that. Guess I should have better answers but I don't on this one!
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I don't know if this is the right way or not, but with Crystal what I do is I hold her in my lap (it works best if I am sitting on the floor) and kind of stand her on her hind legs while holding her under her front legs with her back to my belly and brush her belly that way. Though I can just brush the main part of her belly that way, it doesn't work to well up by her legs.
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i too have a long haired, and the belly is always an issue because regular brushes scrape the sensitive skin. i've used different brushes, but the one he'll tolerate the best is a type of a bristle brush, but plastic with soft tips on the end.

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Thanks rarepuss..This is the kind of brush I use..I can't use a metal one...I just feel that I will scrape him up if I do.

I have kept on with the treats and doing a bit every day...Its also his back of his legs that is hard to do but if I keep the sessions short, he seems more tolerable..
Or if I catch him in the midst of a deep sleep..though I hate to do this!

I guess he is is moulting? (is that the word) right now as fur is flying here...

p.s Love Marshs' bright copper eyes
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Yeah... no way could you use a metal brush or a slicker. (Except for the plastic ones).

Diane, I use the same method you described.
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Persi allows me to hold him in my arms and do his belly, and when there are mats he cries but does not bite. The last thing I do is his private area and that is a different story, he bites the brush fiercely but he does not bite me. I save this little chore until the very last because he knows that he is going to get a big treat in about one minute of this. My Persian is only four months old so I know he is going to have 2 or 3 times the fur to take care of in the future. I train him to keep off the kitchen counters, the only taboo place in the house with a squirt gun. This works, but of course causes matting.
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Well the belly is the most sensitive and you can't pull it. Its better to be combing longhairs anyway. When I had my Turkish Angora, he hated the belly done. But I held his feet and layed him in my lap and gently combed out any tangles.

You have to groom longhairs a minimum of 3-4 times a week.
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My two girls (One is a medium-haired and the other is long-haired) love to have their bellies combed with a wide tooth comb. Luvbug though doesn't like to have his tummy groomed except when he is very sleepy (and one has to be quick) or he will bite the comb and scratch. He just likes to have a slicker brush on his tummy and a wide tooth comb on the rest of him.
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