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good vibes needed

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I am leaving Ebony and Lilly in the house alone today with access to the same rooms. I talked to the vet about this yesterday and she seemed to think it would be fine. I am still really nervous about what I might find when I come home.

Aside from Ebony growling at Lilly there hasn't been too much spatting between them. Ebony growls, Lilly looks at her calmly, and then just finds a new place to hide. Eb doesn't normally follow or do anything to harm Lilly, sometimes you'll hear a hiss or two come out of her, and when she gets tired of growling she'll go off somewhere else to play.

I just hope that they don't go at it while mommy is away. Any positive vibes your have to spare while I am a worrywort at work would be appreciated.
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I understand how worrying it can be! (I was just the same!) I am sure they will be okay, they might even have a good ol' chat and sort out any differences! (calmly)

Sending positive }}}VIBES{{{ that they get on well today and Calming }}}VIBES{{{ to you!
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The first day is definitely the worst for Mom! They will be fine.
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ooh yes - been there! I know it's stressful, you'll spend the whole day worrying and when you get back you'll find they've been curled up blissfully unaware all day . Sending plenty of vibes your way
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I remember when i left Rosie and Sophie together for the first time.

It was after 2 weeks when Rosie had accepted Sophie but i was still unsure about leaving them together while i was at work, so i did it gradually by leaving them to go to the gym for and hour, or shopping on a weekend for a couple of hours.

I'm sure they will be fine because theres been no fur flying so far and it sounds like they won't ruffle each others fur by tormenting each other, unlike a certain little lady called Sophie!!!

Sending (((((friendly vibes))))) just in case, but you never know, they may be curled up together when you get back!
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Sierra and I are sending lots and lots of peace your way, Beryl, Ebony and Lilly!
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Lots of vibes to you. It's always worse for us than them, don't ya think?
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Thanks for the vibes everyone. I am sure it is much harder on me. But like you sugessted, maybe they do need some 'alone' time to try and work our their differences. I dream of the day when I come home and find them snuggling on the sofa together. I think we are still pretty far off from there. Ebony doesn't appear to be succumbing and be friendly any day soon.
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Beryl, I'm sending mega mega calming and loving vibes to you, Eb, and Lilly!!
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Eb will come around... Sending peace vibes your way!
Good luck
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good luck!!! They'll be just fine!
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behave yourselfs girls, do it for your lovely mommie!!!, sending ((((((good vibes))))
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ebony will have a change of heart too!

Teufel went downstairs and made him self confortable in Devils house, (the russian blue downstairs) Devil was like :censor::censor::censor: get out of my appartment you little black kitty!! but ebony will be fine with lily soon i bet you with in 2 weeks they will be playing
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Plenty of good vibes coming your way!
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Well I came home to find the house still in tact and the kitties were in th same place I left them. Ebony was in the living room, and Lilly has found a comfy spot in Eb's litter box which is where she stayed all day. (we are hoping this does not create box problems for Eb - as we have a second box which is covered and Eb in previous attempts has never wanted to use it).

Anywho, now that today is done I am much more confident I can leave them alone together and not have the place destroyed. I know they still are not getting along. When I walked in Eb has her ears back, her eyes squinted, she flopped on the floor, let out a whine and made me pick her up and pet her for 10 min. which she NEVER lets me do. It was as if she was say "why did you leave me with this other kitty all day mom!".

So that's what went down here today. Your vibes definitely kept me sane at work, so thanks.
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Sounds like everything went great today. I know how you felt today and I'm glad for you that it all worked out!
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