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cats & aircon

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Hi all, need your advices. Is it okay for cats to stay in an air conditioned room, right??

It's so darn hot & humid in our country (35 deg celsius) and unfortunately my air con unit broke down last year (hehe). Now I'm asking my mum if she could get one for my room but she says no because the cats will get cold. I told her that's crazy and I really can't stand the hot, humid air!! Ugh.

Is it okay for cats to be in a cool environment, right? I heard it also makes their fur shinier.

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If the room temp is comfortable for you then its ok for the cat. If its too warm or cold for you then the same applies to the cat.
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It's a lot easier for cats to warm themselves if the room is a little too cool than it is to cool themselves off if the room is way too hot.
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My gang don't like the aircon! Maybe it's the noise? They prefer staying out no matter how hot or humid it gets than staying in the airconditioned room.
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Yes, air conditioning is fine for cats. The same temperatures that are comfortable for you will also be comfortable for the cats.

When I lived in Ontario I didn't have air conditioning and lived in an upstairs apartment without good cross ventilation. The heat and humidity there would become as hot as it is here in Georgia for days on end and there were times when the temperature indoors did not drop below 88 degrees overnight and was into the high 90s during the day - with relative humidity 80% or more. It was a nightmare for me and for the cats. They would just drape themselves stretched out trying to find cool surfaces and pant. I had wet towels that I kept in the fridge and would put them down on the floor, changing them regularly. The cats would immediately stretch out on the cold wet towels and you could tell they appreciated the opportunity.

When I had inside/outside cats in Canada they would love going outside in the snow, but they also had the chance to grow big thick fluffy winter coats.

We have air conditioning now and we keep the temperature set in the mid to high 70s during the summer. That is plenty comfortable, especially if the outside temperature is into the 90s, and certainly not too cold for man or beast. It also keeps the humidity at a reasonable level.

In the winter we keep the indoor temperature around 64 degrees and I open the windows whenever the outside temperature is 64 degrees or higher as I love the fresh air. We wear sweaters but the cats love the cooler, fresh air. If they are cold they find some place warm to cuddle, but generally seem very comfortable at this temperature.

Good luck on getting an air conditioner.

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