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Re:good info and a prayer request for my kittiesl

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After reading the posts I got several pointers to follow up on about shots and Vet care. I am going to have to get Angi and the kittens fixed and shots as well as get my dog Gaea spayed and shots for both dogs. We live in an old house and get mice coming in so I think it is good to get shots since they can make the cats sick if they catch one. Also, Gaea has a strong predatory instinct and has caught mice in the house too.
One problem I do have is that Angi and Penelope were exposed to feline leukemia. That could mean a lot of health problems in the future if they test positive this Friday. Does anyone know of the best treatment options available? Please keep Angi, Penelope, Egan, Finn, Keelin and Lia in your prayers for good health. Thank you
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Lots of prayers coming your way for you and your kitties!!! I don't really know if there is any treatment for Feline Leukemia, but some cats can live quite a while with it...but others not so long sadly.... you will need to get all your other cats vaccinated for it as soon as possible as it can be very easily spread, hopefully all be well and good for you for getting them all spayed and vaccinated!!
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Thank you for your reply.

I would have taken them in sooner but my husband was ill and in the hospital. I am finally getting caught up on all the things I couldn't do since I spent most of the time with him.
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Prayers for you and your whole family. You've definitely had your hands full. Sorry I can't offer any advice for the kits. I'm sure all will be well.

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Thank you. I do so appreciate it a lot.
I try to keep a positive attitude.
God brought these sweet kitties into my life and I am going to make the best of it. I lay on the floor last night before going to bed and watched the kittens playing. They were having a blast. Every now and then one would come up and touch noses with me and then run and jump on the scratching post or attack a toy, as if to say... look what I can do... I ended up going to bed a lot later than I meant to.

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Awww Bless that is soooo sweet!
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Oh I sure hope things go well and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. I think it's wonderful that after reading the information on here and getting informed about vaccinations and such that you are going to do something about it. There are those out in the world that after receiving this information still wouldn't do a darn thing. You certainly do deserve a happy ending for your fur babies
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I have had a lot of cats over the years but sorry to say I wasn't the most responsible owner, am much better now and still learning.
Both my girls have cats. Jenifer has Nevar. He looks a lot like my tabby Penelope, and Bleys he is an orange tabby, a little monster but getting better ...he bites her hard..., he was just neutered. Nevar used to be an outdoor cat until he got beat up and got gang green in his ear. He had been hiding for several days when we finally found him. After that he got fixed up and vacinated and he became an indoor cat. The vet had to bend his ear down backwards to graft it to the back because he lost all the skin off of it, so he looks like he has half an ear. He is 13 years old now.
Heather has Yellow and Gaspin
Yellow is a female orange Tabby and Gaspin is a Long hair Siamese.
Heather works in the animal care at a vet. clinic. She walks dogs, grooms and cleans cats and dogs etc.. She loves it. Anyway they are more knowledgeable than I was at their age about taking care of animals.

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Warmest thoughts and prayers are being sent your way Looopy. Keep the faith hon. Little story for ya:

My cat had Feline Luekemia and lived for fourteen years. When he was about seven years old, his eye started bulging and it was really bad. To make a long story short; I told the doctor to remove his eye. He had to anyway, but he wanted me to put Zappa down.

I didn't allow him to do it because I knew it was only because of the eye that was making him get so stressed out. Animals with FeLuek need to remain calm. Chaotic lifestyles can cause them to go into full bloom sickness. I know that if he just had this eye removed, his stress level would come down and he'd be okay. I think we all begin to understand our pets needs; sometimes moreso than a professional. Anyway, his eye was removed and Zappa lived another very happy, healthy seven years. I did wind up having to put him to sleep, but for the most part, he was fine up until then. Pointers...stay calm, give them all tons of love and above all...HAVE FAITH!!

Love & Peace,

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