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Bad coworker!!!

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Ok, so my coworker just had her cats back claws removed b/c she got new leather furniture. WHAT? When I asked her why in God's name did she do this she said b/c the cat had put a tiny scratch in it! Her cats front claws were removed when she was young but now she's almost 3. I really like this woman but am completley discusted with her, I cant even look at her . How can anyone be so vain? Sorry but I had to vent!
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That's disheartening. But what can one do about it... beyond explaining the cruelty of such actions?

My leather couch has collected its fair share of scratches too... and then some. So far no holes yet.

Definitely the next couches I get will not be leather though.
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Uh, oh. So far so good on this thread, but there is currently a thread debating the whole to declawing issue and it gets a bit toasty from time-to-time. I happen to agree that surgically removing your cats' claws for the sake of the furniture is heinous and I'd be upset too. Just be advised that your new thread may get moved by the Mods to another forum area if it turns into another declawing battle-ground! Hi, by the way! You appear to be a recent addition!
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Thats terrible! I have leather furniture and it has scratched on it...but I would never get my cats declawed. What if they accidently got outside and had no protection?? I will tell you, my aunt had her cats front claws taken out...and yeah, it was nice to get needled, but when Pepper got out accidently, and her german shepard attacked him, he had no protection whatsoever. Luckily, they heard it and got to him after he lost a tuft of fur, but the damage could have been deadly.
She put Pepper to sleep about a year or so ago because they were having issues with him peeing inappropriately on the carpet. I disagree with that, too. It wasnt health related, I think it was stress related with the addition being added on the house. But, it wasnt my decision, and I found too late.
At least I can say, IMO, I will never declaw my cats. You just never know when they may need them!
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thats so horrible!! how can people be so selfish

She should'nt have cats if she thinks dismembering parts of their body is more important than furniture in the first place
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Personally, I could never let anyone cut my cats' toe tips off. I would never hurt them in any way. I love them!!!

Must be 2 kinds of people who have cats: One kind loves cats more than their furniture; the other loves their furniture more than cats. Poo-poo on them!

ok-get ready. I feel a move coming.
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i would love to get this leather couch but i wont untill im very rich!
Reason being?
Because we just bought a dining table from ikea back in january and the chairs and table has scratches from teufel!

I mean we all know how much cats love to dig their nails into couches so why buy an expensive one that would get ruined? unless your cat is totally banned from the room?

2 days ago i thought teufel split his nail in half and i was freaking!! untill i looked properly nd it was just the top layer coming off.
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