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Just have to vent

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Ok it's been a few days since Limerick and I have returned back to Morgantown. He spent last week at my parents' house. My brother Bill is not a cat fan therefore he has no clue how to treat them or what to expect. FYI he's 22. I guess last week he picked up Limerick, so he was on his back, like you would a baby. Of course Limerick protested and cryed to be put down. Instead of putting him down Bill held on tighter. Limerick did the only thing he could think of and scratched Bill's arms. My Dad who is also not a cat fan is really mad and wants Limerick to be declawed or gotten rid of. My mom, my sister Steph, who's a vet tech, and I all explained to my Dad and brother that cats will scratch and it was Bill's fault anyway. Steph also explained that since Limerick is nearly 1 year old and weights 12 lbs his recovery would be longer and more painful then if he had gotten declawed at 6 months. This is also the first time he has been provoked and has used his claws in that manor.
I'm mad that Bill would be so irresponcible to provoke a cat. He wouldn't dare do such a thing to a dog. I've seem him handle Limerick before and have warned him plenty of times. Needless to say Bill and I have never really gotten along. Yes he's my brother but Limerick is like a son to me, he's my little baby. I have told my parents that there is no way I am getting him declawed now. His scratching is not a problem. I don't live at home anyway. My mom and sister are behind me 100%. My dad is being difficult. Thankfully my Mom is the "rule maker" so I don't think I have much to worry about. Why are brothers so idoitic!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry the men are being so insensitive. I guess they just don't understand.
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How infuriating! Good for you for sticking to your guns & sticking up for your baby!
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Any time you flip a cat upside down, prepare for war. They go to this position when they are threatened, because their weapons (claws and teeth) are nearby and ready. Holding Limerick down like he did, threatened this cat in a lot of ways. It turned your brother from a friend to a predator, because he first of all flipped the cat upside down, and then he held him there against his will, much like a bigger stronger cat would in a typical cat fight. Your brother deserved to get bit and scratched and your cat does NOT deserve to be declawed because of an ignorant human who sent a very hostile message to an already stressed out cat!
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Lets hope your brother has learnt a lesson on how not to hold cats!.

I would have been angry like you, but with me my brother would have had a slap across his head if he did that to Rosie and Sophie!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I would have been angry like you, but with me my brother would have had a slap across his head if he did that to Rosie and Sophie!

Oh how annoying!!! Isn't it FRUSTRATING when they just can't see your point of view even though you know what you are talking about and they don't?? If one of my brothers had have tried a stunt like that they would still be running now. Not that they would, Paul loves cats and is gentle and kind, and Matt is allergic to them so he smiles at them and leaves them alone!!!! How long is your baby going to be living there?
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I am glad that you have the support of your Mum and sister on this! Surely your Dad understands that you won't get rid of Limerick as you don't live at home and he will only be there for short visits. Just tell your Dad and brother to stay out of his way if they have a problem with him!

I hope Limerick is enjoying being back home with you!
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Good for you!! I am glad you stuck to your guns, and hopefully the next time Limerick visits the gradparents there wont be a problem.
My cat Smudge likes to be held like a baby, but only for a minute, and it has to be her idea, as soon as she gets antsy, I let her down. But shes weird anyway, and all of my other cats like to be held upright, with their front paws on my shoulder and me supporting their back feet. Your brother should be ashamed for antagonizing your cat...and honestly, how bad did he get scratched??? I am sure he didnt need stitches, and he should get over it. He instigated it, and got what he deserved if you ask me.
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Why not just get rid of your brother? Ok- just kidding...?

For real, He needs some education. If he refuses to learn how to treat a cat, he shouldn't be allowed to touch Limerick.

An old neighbor of my BF's held Oliver like that once. Before I could stop him, Oliver wresled himself out of the idiot's arms, but in the process hit his little head on the end table. Oliver was ok, just shook up. I was furious. Then, to top it off, another guy said "Don't worry, you can drop a cat from 5 stories and they'll land on their feet."

One of these guys has not been back to the house. They were both "severely educated" in how to respect a cat.
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I find it pretty amazing how ignorant some folks are about animals.

Poor Limerick. Good for you for sticking to your guns about this.

Our Simba on the other hand loved to be held in our arms like a baby with his tummy facing up. He would stay there as long as you had the strength to hold him. Our daughter would often carry him around by lifting the hem of her sweatshirt and forming sort of a hammock for him.

Give Limerick extra hugs and kisses for having to put up with that silly man.
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Men! Well not ALL men.
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva!
: How long is your baby going to be living there?
He was there for a month over chirstmas break and the week over spring break and last week. He's only there when I have break.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Lets hope your brother has learnt a lesson on how not to hold cats!.
poor kitty ...
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Poor little guy! I know how some cat can hate that position! Sammy loves it and Lola is starting to (she wants to be held, but is a nervous one). Your brother is overreacting, though. I've had some serious scratches from cats (particularly when I had to de-skunk my mom's long haired 8 yr old, never bathed before male) and, since I'm allergic, they'll even swell a little more on me than most people. But I just wash them thoroughly and take an antihistamine. I mean, clearly it's not the poor cat's fault, especially since Limerick gave warning by trying to get down. I can empathize with you on the stubborn father front, too!
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