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So awesome!!!

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CJ has some of the most active kitties inside of her!!! I was laying on the ground beside her, and petting her head, when I saw her belly MOVE! I hand my hand on her belly, and felt one! Then another! THEN ANOTHER! And a few more until CJ heard something and left. It was sooooo cool! I just got a tiny "glimpse" of these kitties that I'm so anxious to see! I can't wait for her to have them! CJ has that "I'm officially annoyed" look on her face everytime I look at her. It's combined with a "help me!" and a "GET THESE THINGS OUT OF ME!!!! " look!

I can't wait for the kitties!
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I cant wait until the first photos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Isn't it awesome? I always loved petting a pregnant feline belly and feeling the kittens move. Some moms seem to enjoy it.

But when it comes to human mothers - I don't want to do it!
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