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new w/ questions

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hey there,

i'm new the the board. i have a couple of questions. ya'll seem to help out people pretty quick. i have a pregnant cat, gracie, along with 3 others, and the vet told me a week ago that she would probably have her kittens at any time now. so we're still waiting.. eating hasnt slowed at all, she hasnt started nesting or anything.

i wanted to see if you all thought the other cats being around her would affect her going into labor or not. i read on here that cats could hold their labor waiting for their owner, but could they hold it if other cats are around and they dont feel secure? i try to keep them separated for the most part, but they each want to do whatever the others are doing. they all get along fine and they're usually together but i didnt want her being afraid that they would do anything to her kittens so i've kept them apart. since then my bedroom door is all scratched up because my other female stands at the door and scratches on it until we give in and let her into the room. mishu (the other female) seems to think the nesting box is hers(we had set up two so gracie could have a little bit of choice on where she wanted them. she was staying under the bed all the time until we blocked it off b/c we didnt want them under there).. so anyways, i just need to know if you think its better to separate them or to let them see each other.. because gracie tries to get out whenever we open the door even if we're in there with her. and what are the chances of the other cats doing harm to the kittens?

thanks guys
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She might actaully want the other cat in there with her she may be holding off because she feels more secure with the other cat there. I would put Mishu in together with her and keep a close eye on things.
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Are your other cats spayed and neutered? Unneutered males can sometimes harm tiny kittens. Otherwise, the risk is minimal but it's still wise to confine and expectant mother when she gets close to delivery.
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