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Coconut update!!!

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Yeah we are ALL finally over 8oz!!! At 33 days old this is a long time coming but finally here. Hiwa is using the litterbox!!!!!!! hip hip hooray. I caught Hoku peeing on the floor though LOL.
Kala still wont eat solid food, but we're working on it.


Hiwa and Hoku
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What excellent news and what beautiful little babes ... I am so happy to read this update! Thank you thank you thank you!

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Goodness, they are still so small for almost five weeks! But it is great news that they are adding weight and heading in the right direction. Very glad to hear this update.
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They are the most beautiful kittens! I am sure they will be fine, their illness must have knocked them back quite a bit. Persil is still small, although she eats like a horse, not a cat, and the vet says ity is because she was so sick.
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Awwww poor little things they look so sweet and innocent .. but so much younger then what they really are!!

I bet they will all the sudden start eating like horses and when they are older end up big tubby lap cats *LOL*

Best of luck to them ... they are absolutely adorible!!
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Hiwa attacks the food dish the second you put it down, and climbs all the way into it. It's hysterical. Hoku will only eat out of my hand, and Kala still won't touch kitten food, but the litterbox is being used, and ***drumroll please**** we are 5 weeks old today weighing in as follows:
Hiwa 9.4oz
Hoku 9.0 oz
Kala 13.6oz

So they JUST hit 8oz and are already over 9 in just a few days. Everyone is playing and they are starting to look more like "kittens" than babies to me finally. yahooooooooooooooooo I think we are completely over our rough spot with these guys!

Thanks TCS for all the great support and good vibes these last 2 months with Chloe and then her coconuts.
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That's good news!

It is also good news to hear they are adopting to litterbox and some of them are eating kitten food.

Believe it or not, an ounce in a couple of days is not really that fast of growth for ~4 weeks of age. The normal is to gain 3/4 of an ounce per day at that age. But it is still progress in a positive direction...so your attention and efforts are paying off!
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