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Wobbly Walk

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My tabby is 17 years old. Saturday she was fine, going up and down the stairs, jumping on the furniture and jumping into her favorite bay window. Sunday - she can hardly stand or walk. She is extremely unbalanced. Almost walking in a stoop. Didn't improve on Monday. Took her to the vet yesterday. X-rays showed no broken bones, nothing unusual, just a little arthritis. No pain shown when Dr. examined her limbs. No ear infections. Doctor ran "panel" of blood tests, nothing unusual showed up. So I still have a cat that cannot walk well and no medical reason as to why. If arthritis was the cause, it would not have "set in" overnight like this condition has. Anyone's opinion would be greatly appreciated. The only thing the Dr. mentioned was that her potassium was a smidgeon low, and low potassium can make a cat walk "slope shouldered", but her potassium was not low enough to cause it. Thanks for your time, sorry to be so wordy. Maria in Atlanta, GA
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Hmmm that is strange ...though I have to say, yourr cat isn't young could just be the onset of old age?! I really don't know, I would be tempted to try another vet just to get a second opinion....sorry I don't have any good advice for you. Im sure someone on here will be able to help you much more than I can...but please keep us updated as to what happens... my thoughts are with you!! Oh, by the way, love your name....I have a gorgeous little cat called Shandy!!
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want to share with you a great service that is available for cat health problems. Cornell University, one of (or probably THE) best cat vet colleges, has a phone consultation service.
You can call their 800# and give them your credit card information, phone# and the questions you have for the vet and a vet will call you back. this costs $45.

Below their website. Maby they can shed a light on your kitty's problem.

Good luck
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When a cat's serum potassium level shows low-normal on the panel, it is time to supplement.

Most often, cats will not even show a low serum potassium level on the panel until it is almost too late to do anything about it.

Ask your vet pronto about Tumil-K or other potassium supplements and please, keep us posted.


Gaye Flagg
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Sunday - Shandy update. She has regained her mobility and stability back. Today, first time in a week, she ventured downstairs. But now have vomiting and diarrhea problem. Spoke to the vet - I stopped giving her amoxycilin yesterday morning (she was on it because she broke a tooth attacking the vet assistant , Dr. pulled the broken tooth and wanted to make sure she didn't get infection). He suggested that I give her another 24 hours and then bring her in tomorrow if she is not better. Will drink water and eat tuna fish but not her cat food. I will keep nursing her. Thanks for the replies. Will keep you updated. Maria
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Maria - I am so very sorry that your Shandy is experiencing problem - Could the diarrehea be caused by the antibiotic? I know it can have that same effect on me! I hope and pray that she will recover nicely for you.
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Update - had to take her to the Vet on Monday - she was given a shot for nausea and some fluids. She slept most of Monday - on Tuesday she ate a little - still had diarrhea - the Vet gave me a yogurt like substance to give her - they theorized that the antibiotic had actually killed "good" bacteria that lives in a cat's stomach - this yogurt substance has live bacteria in it to replace the missing ones - sounds strange feeding your cat bacteria! Well gave her one dose on Tuesday and she seems to be feeling better. Is eating - although still not the quantity prior to her original "wobbly walk" problem. But she is getting in her favorite bay window sleeping in her favorite chair, etc. Things she hasn't been able to do for 2 weeks!
Next task - trying to get a little weight on her - I am going to give it a week and see if her appetite increases and the weight comes back naturally - will keep you posted. Thank you so much for your responses! Maria
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I am so thankful tht she is doing better now. Keep up the good kitty nursing!
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AAww Shandy...

I am glad your kitty is better.

Not to scare you, but a friend of mine once had a cat that had a small stroke, and her back legs would sometimes give out. This never corrected itself.

Your cat seems to be on the road to recovery, but perhaps you want to mention the stroke idea to the Vet.
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