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Will she leave?

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I was just wondering what the odds are that if we let Annabelle (or any of the cats) outside while we were in the backyard if they would take off? I'd love to be able to take Belle outside because I trust her most, but I don't want to lose her, ever. What do you think?
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I won't take the chance with my cats.
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Maybe a harness/leash, test it out inside first to make sure they won't wriggle out of it?
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My cats are indoor cats, but sometimes I let them out with me. I just watch them real close and they listen when I tell them it is time to go in. It scares me to do it, but I know they enjoy it.
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Is it hard to get them used to a harness?
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Depends on the kitty... Kandie got used to it quick Zoey is still learning after three months
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I have a portable pet run that I put the kittys in when it's nice outside. I had to put a tarp over it because they are superb climbers.
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Personally I would be careful with that, some might like it too much. Take mine for instance, he LOVES to go outside and keeping him in gets difficult.

I think training them to be used to the harness is a good idea.
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You would need to get them used to the harness indoors before ever trying them outdoors- how about something safer where they can see outside, and get outside, but not run away?



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It's not impossible that a cat could run away, obviously, but it's very unlikely - they won't leave their home and the all-you-can eat cat food buffet if they have a choice! But letting a cat outdoors does carry risks, and you have to decide for yourself if the risks are acceptable to you. I agree that a harness and leash is a good compromise.
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Originally Posted by goosehazel
Is it hard to get them used to a harness?
It depends on the cat. My old roommate's siamese hated it and would never get used to it, he was always trying to wriggle out of it. My ex-boyfriends cat absolutely loves his harness and going out, but it also made him very demanding about outside time and expecting to go out every day. Pixie was pretty good about it, tried it out in the house and she was fine. It's reserved strictly for an occassional treat. She's used it maybe 4 or 5 times mostly last summer. I'll probably let her use it again now that the weather is finally starting to get nice
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Are your cats even wanting or trying to get outside? It doesn't really sound like they are. As for me, if my cats weren't trying I wouldn't even think of it.
I have one that always wants outside and so I thought if I just watched him, that sort of thing....it was a disaster as the more comfortable he got the farther he went, he adores trees so he would take off and up the trees just like that (actually our adventures would make a fine kitty comic )He would just take off like a jackrabbit and then one night I lost him....we found him the next night but only because a neighbor saw him. He had no thoughts of coming back home at that point. We did the harness thing too but that just made him want outside more. He is a total escape artist so the problem comes when we open the door. We have to be vigilant or he is gone. It's better in the winter....it's spring now so we'll see how this year goes. I wish I could let him be an outdoor cat as he really does love it but we live in a very busy suburb, next to a highschool and highways are just a hop, skip and a jump away. If we lived in the country I would let him be outdoors.
There are just are too many dangers. I'm not telling you what to do, each cat and neighborhood are different BUT unless your cat is making it an issue, I guess I wouldn't invite possible trouble.
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I always take mine out on harnesses first for quite extensive walks around before I let them out under supervision when they are around 6 months old. Then I let htem out for 20 minutes/ 40 minutes etc while I watch them, until I am sure they know the way home and can safely and slowly extend their territory. Of course, I would only do this living in an area that is away from roads/predators etc, and if the cat has a safe area that it can get to, such as a fenced in garden and a catflap that it knows how to operate. This is all ideal and not everyone can do it, I know, but I personally like to give my cats freedom, and I have been able to choose my living conditions to allow for htat.
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