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symptoms of being in heat

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thank you all for your replies on when to spay...i am wondering what the symptons of my 6 month old himalayan going into heat maybe...

i was told by the breeder that waiting as long as possible was better as it makes sure that her organs etc are fully developed and it helps her immune system to wait...

but i can see this is not the general consensus.

what signs are there that she is in heat
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It depends really on the cat, but the classic signs are excessive meowing, crouching low to the floor with rear high in the air, tail is up and quivering, oftentimes they back into walls and quiver that tail all over the place. They will fight to get outside- their only relief being another male to service them. They will not stop meowing- it is best if the cat is 6 months old and you do not plan to breed her to get her spayed quickly-
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Constant wailing
"Presenting" herself (walking around hunched up into the air, sitting with her backside exposed)
Uncharacteristic signs of aggression

It's kind of hard to miss.
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Unfortunately I waited too long to have Pixie spayed and she had several heat cycles. She basically became a totally different cat when she was in heat. There was a lot of moaning, howling in the window trying to attract male cats, females will spray too (not just males), there was a lot of inappropriate rubbing on people and things (different from just getting the scent on stuff). The change in vocalization is a pretty good early indicator that the cat is in heat. Pix started to get a weird low throaty sound to her meows. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how bad it was for her to not get fixed and I didn't get it done till she was about a year old. This added a lot of unnecessary stress to the poor girl.
I just had my little boy cat Milo fixed last week at about 5 1/2 months and I feel that that was even a little too late. His hormones were already starting to kick in and could hear and see the changes in his behavior. The animal hospital I got him from, which is also the vet he goes to now, doesn't s/n until 6 months and the low cost s/n clinic in my area does 5 months.
In my own opinion for any future cats or dogs that I may get I would definitely want them to be s/n early as I know most shelters/rescues already do just to avoid the stress that they go under. Sorry that was soooo long.
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