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Introducing kitten to cat

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I've read the faq, but I have a few questions.
I recieved a 6 week old male kitten yesterday. When I brought it home, I tried to introduce it to my 3 1/2 year old female cat, and she hissed at it and growled. She didn't try to scratch it though. Then, when I tried to play with her later in the day, she hissed at me as well, and hid under my bed.
Then, she seen the other cat, and became frightened. I tried to comfort her, and she urinated on the floor near her while displaying fear. The next time I came near her (after playing with the new kitten), she defecated on the floor near her.
Later on, she came out from hiding under the bed and wanted to play, and she was purring as I pet her. She seemed fine. This morning however, she seen the new kitten, and she became upset again.

My cat is an "inside" cat, so she hasn't really interacted with other cats, although there's some roaming around outside. She sits on my bedroom windowsill alot, and one morning, I noticed there was a cat outside near my window. She wasn't aggressive towards it, from what I could tell.

Should I go ahead and do what is said in the FAQ?

Thanks in advance.
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Yeah, basically you allowed no acclimation time and just threw two strange cats together. But it is no crime...separate them now and start over again using some of the techniques described in this guide:


Please use this thread to ask followup questions or to give updates on how it is going. Good luck!
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It's totally normal for your cat to act like that. She's confused and has no idea who this little usurper is. I went through the same thing a few months ago. It can be a slow process. Pixie was afraid of my old roommate's new kitten when it came home and she was afraid and pissed at Milo when he came home. She became great friends with both cats. I know Pixie was ready to be friends with Milo (about 2 weeks after he came home) when I came home from work and she had opened the bathroom door and let him out to run and play.
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