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Little Sui needs some TLC vibes

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Hey guys, Sui's vet gave her distemper/rabies vaccies yesterday and she's having a rough time of it. She's gonna be ok but it just hit her pretty hard. I cancelled her spay appointment for today because I just don't think she's up to it. She's only eaten 2 times since yesterday morning and she didn't start stirring around until this morning. It's so sad to see my tiny baby feeling so terrible. Please send some loving TLC vibes her way so that she is back to her old self asap
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Awww bless her! I stopped giving the leukemia shot because Rosie would be unwell for the rest of the day after having it

I hope Sui makes a full recovery soon
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Thanks Susan. I feel so awful that she feels bad. When the vet took her to inject her, she wriggled free, climbed up me and tried to hide her little face in my armpit (I had a big bulky sweater on). I had tears in my eyes then. It's just been so rough on her, I don't want her to feel any pain especially pain that I caused in some way.
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Oh Kelly i know the feeling! Rosie and Sophie get their boosters in june and i can never look when the needle goes in

Just keep giving Sui plenty of loves and scritches which i'm sure you will be
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I'm so sorry Kelly Sui's reaction to her rabies shot is similar to what I went through with Eponine a couple of months ago. She was just so tired and had little appetite for a few days following the shot. Your poor little girl. Sending her major get well vibes!!!
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I'm so sorry. Sending healing vibes her way.
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Sorry she's having such a rough time of it (and you are too). I'm sure she'll be back to normal in no time. Just give her some extra kisses and cuddles from everyone here at TCS! Sending healing vibes your way....
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Sending big warm hugs and lots of comfort to my favorite Tortie girl.... Sui feel better!
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Lot's of love and vibes are coming her way... Hazel has the same problems so I feel for you and Sui. Hope she's feeling better soon.
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Awww poor Sui - give her lots of cuddles from us. Lily will need to have her's soon - but I'm hoping she will have it done whilst under the anaesthetic for her spay. She screamed at the vets when they microchipped her and I felt so bad making her have it done. So, knowing how you'll be feeling right now, sending lots of hugs to you too
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Poor baby! Sierra sends extra sweet love and snuggles to you today, precious girl! Please feel better soon, beautiful Sui!

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Aw, poor little Sui! My Abbie sends healing head butts & kisses from one tortie girl to another, and hopes she feels better soon!
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Sending many get well vibes to Sui.
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TCS vibes really DO work. Not too long after I posted this, Sui was up walking around and even went in to eat on her own. I even got a short video of her suckling on her baby blanket, something she hasn't done in MONTHS. God Bless you guys, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys!!!
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How wonderful!Sui is feeling better!
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To update you beautiful folks who sent Sui some much needed vibes:
She woke up and ate a big breakfast of Iams kitten wet and Cat Chow soaked in Cat Milk (her FAVORITE). She's only nibbled until today so I'm so glad her appetite is back as she's a very thin girl anyway. She has been chasing every paper ball I've thrown and is nosing around all of the new boxes I've packed. She isn't feeling quite well enough to wrestle with the others but she's getting there. She's been up in the windowsills chattering at the birds out on the patio and following me everywhere. I am so glad she's getting better.
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Good news - it sounds like she's on the way to being back to top form.
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