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New Kitty

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I have had Tyson for about two months, he's still scared sometimes but hes a lot better than when I first got him. I was thinking of getting another kitty so he would have someone to play with. If you don't know my history with him, he was a stray cat that I resuced off the streets. (Not sure if he was a true feral or a stay but he definately had never seen walls before he came into my house) Now he wants attention all the time and somtines I work 10 hour days and thought he may enjoy the company of another kitten.

What do you guys think of that? Do you think he would respond well to another cat. When we found him on my Mom's deck he used to see her cat all the time and he didn't seem upset or nasty with him?????

I would appreciate some advice about this. Thanks...
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It is a hard call really to make, because introducing another cat into your home where there is already one, always upsets the applecart. Outside, there is less conflict because cats can easily escape if someone gets into their space, after all, there is a lot of room outside, which is why cats colonize so easily, yet put those same cats into a barn to get along, and it doesn't work, not without a lot of care and attention being taken to make sure all cats have space to get away from each other.

So it is really up to you. If you work 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, you don't have time to watch and monitor your cats to see how they do..."Hey Boss? I can't come to work for the next week, because I have a new cat.." is not going to fly at your job. So if you are projecting your cat is unhappy and needs a friend, that could be your perception of the situation and not what is actually going on. Although cats are social (unless you have an extreme alpha cat, or a pariah) and they do get along most of the time- you just have to ask yourself is there a way I can bring these two together safely? I always recommend a homemade screen door using wood/chicken wire and hinges. That way you keep the cats away from each other, but they can see each other, smell each other and introductions go much smoother. You should have space for them, and levels of space where they can get away from each other, and if you do it right (the introductions) everything can do smoothly and they can become great friends. But cats react to stress with illness- so you need to really keep the stress level down.

I am not trying to discourage you from adopting another. God knows, I have nine myself so that would make me a bit of a hypocrite. But my emails fill up rapidly with people who have rescued strays and they introduce another cat into the home and encounter problems. Just be aware that it can happen. These cats have had to fight to survive- they sometimes aren't easy to reach when we do something we believe is for their betterment-
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Thank you both for all the advice. I was also thinking the same thing. That on one hand it may be a good idea but on the other hand it may not be a good idea??? I think I may wait awhile and see what happens with him. A friend of mines cat had kittens and they are only 4 weeks old, she asked me if I wanted one so I have some time to think it over because I wouldn't want the kitten until it was at least 10 to 12 weeks old. So I guess I'll think it over and see what happens. Your right Hissy, it may be my perception that he is lonely and would like a buddy.

Thanks Again.... I'm really glad I joined the forum- - I get some great advice here.
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I think I have decided to get another kitty... I am going to adopt one from someone that I know. I will get him on May 6th, and he will be 11 weeks old..... I am very excited and I really believe that Tyson will grow to love this new kitty and they will be friends.... I hope that they will be good company for ech other. For the first couple weeks I will keep them seperated and then slowly introduce them.....

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