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wetting on the floor

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Can cats get urinary tract infections or bladder or kidney infections? Our cat has never wet out of her box and now she did it twice. it's like she holds it so long and than she just goes. Could this be a kidney infection???????????? Please help!!!!!
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Yes cats can get Urinary Tract infections, among other things that can cause her to go outside the box. The infection is painful and they often associate the pain with the box so they look for a place to go that isn't painful. The fact that she's holding her urine suggests she is trying to avoid peeing which suggests a UTI. If that's the cause, antibiotics will quickly clear it up. She must be seen by a Vet, ASAP. You can also check this thread on peeing problems: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9563

You can also collect a spoonful of uring and take it to your vet for analysis.

Don't delay in getting this taken care of.
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Yes cats are prone to getting urinary problems and if not addressed immediately they can take their toll on kitty- and on your wallet when you do finally address them. If it turns out the cat has a bladder infection, toss your old litter pans away and buy her two brand new ones. Often the animal will associate the pans with the pain they had and avoid them even if they are on the road to recovery.
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