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vet day for Lilly!

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Today is the day I am finally getting Lilly to the vet since we got her. Nothing serious just a general check up. I want to make sure she didn't get anything while at Petsmart.

One problem though, Lilly is still finding that she likes hiding under the bed a lot. In fact I have rescheduled 3 vet appointments just because of her hiding. Any ideas on how I can get her out from under there to get her in her carrier without taking the bed apart? I have tried food, and cat milk, and cat nip, none seem to draw her attention. I am a little worried about getting her out, and I don't really want to reschedule again.
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If it's that hard to get her out, is there a way you could block off the space so she couldn't get under the bed? By the way, she looks like a bundle of hugs in your sig.
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
If it's that hard to get her out, is there a way you could block off the space so she couldn't get under the bed? By the way, she looks like a bundle of hugs in your sig.
ok so we did that last week. blocked it off with pillows and everything. she was fine with it. a bundle of hugs like you said. But somewhere there is a hole. She's found a way to sneak back under there. We tried to find the hole last night and patch it up but she found a way to get under again. I feel like the meanest meowmy in the world cutting off her hiding space. But she hasn't gotten too upset with us yet. Whenever we cut off her space she always comes up on top of the bed requents head butts and chin scritches. *sigh* I won't have time to get her out before work. I'll have to do it when I get home.
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Sure hope this works for you, Beryl! With Sierra, I do my very best to avoid any indication whatsoever that we're going to the V-E-T, be it thought, words or actions! If Lilly tends to run and hide when she sees the carrier open, go ahead and have it out and ready well ahead of time. When it's time to go, try engaging Lilly in some manner, playing, a favorite treat, holding her, and from there while you're touching her, just put her in her carrier. If she hides, ignore her. The most effective way to keep her under the bed is to try to get her out!After a bit, maybe give Ebony a favorite treat, bring out a toy, or something that usually brings Lilly running! Just a couple of thoughts from someone who has cancelled countless appts due to a baby refusing to leave the house! Please let us know how it goes!
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Good suggestions from Stephanie there. I know that Adelaide gets very jealous if I talk to one of the other cats - if Lilly gets jealous - try sitting near the bed and "talking" to Ebony - even if she isn't there - as if you were taking no notice of Lilly at all.

Have had this issue with our other kitties, we were determined not to have an issue with our Lily so we take her on journeys with us. She loves her carrier now - she doesn't just associate it with the V-E-T. In fact, today, she sat on the doormat and wouldn't let us go until we put her in her carrier - so it does have its downpoints

Good luck - I hope everything goes well at the vets.
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One thind I do with Eponine and the carrier....she runs under the bed the moment she sees the carrier. So I keep the carrier in a room that she does not normally go into. While she's walking around like normal, I pick her up, put her in that room, and close the door. That way, she's in a closed-up space with nowhere to hide (namely, no beds!). Then, it's much easier to get into the carrier. Cosette is the exact opposite. As soon as I put the carrier down, she climbs in for a nap!!!
GOOD LUCK with pretty Lilly at the vet. Sending you good vibes that all checks out well
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Hey Beryl, good luck with getting Lilly to the vet. I know it's hard on you, too. I find that leaving the carriers out a couple days before your appointment eases their fear a little. I usually just have to shut the door of the carrier, because they sleep in the carriers a lot after I set them out. Anyway, good luck with it and I hope it goes smooth as butter!!!
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thanks for all your ideas and support. I am not the most patient person in the world when it comes to wanted to snuggle with my kitties and have them spend time with me, so this has been a hard adjustment for all of us.

I am at work all day today and I left Lilly to herself under the bed. Hopefully she'll be out and about when i get home.
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Good luck! Let us know how it goes!
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I don't have any advice for today's vet visit, but I've found that if I always have the carrier accessible and encourage Sammy and Lola to play in it, they get very used to it. They play with it together all the time, and so don't mind going in when it's vet time.
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*whew* So glad our afternoon at the V-E-T is over.

Brendan and I did manage to get Lilly out from under the bed and into her carrier. That was fairly easy, even though Lilly did put up quite a struggle. Her trust barrier has gone up quite a bit since yesterday, but that is to be expected.

I was surprised to find out that Lilly does not weigh much more than Eb. Ebony is about 8lbs. Lilly is 9lbs (well 8 and 3/4 to be exact). I think Lilly is just a lot fluffier so that is why she looks so big!

The bad news, Lilly has a faint heart murmur. So the vet wants to give her a few more weeks to settle in and then wants us to bring her back to see if its still there and possibly give her a ultrasound. Hopefully that won't be anything to serious.

So that's the news. Thanks again everyone for your love, advice, and guidance. I you all and I TCS!
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Oh, Lilly, you're such a brave little girl doing so well! Beryl, I know it's scary to hear this news about your little girl. I pray it will turn out to be nothing at all. Please do let us know when your next appt is planned. We'll be right here with you!
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Aww I'm so glad to hear the V-E-T is over. A few treats will soon get that trust barrier back where it belongs . I hope the heart murmur turns out to be nothing serious. Yes do let us know when Lilly goes back for her ultrasound and we'll send lots of vibes her way
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I'm sorry to hear about Lily's heart murmur . She will be in my thoughts.
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