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I'm getting 7 new foster babies

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A friend of mine knew I had fostered kittens before, so when an acquaintance of hers (who does tons of rescues) was putting out feelers, she referred her to me.

Apparently she got word of a cat hoarder who is being forced to move...again...and had several kittens she needed to place immediately. I hadn't anticipated taking in kittens this early, and had actually been in the process of rehabbing the "kitten room", but the universe always has other ideas, doesn't it! Of course I said I would. Well, the owner kind of flaked for awhile, so we thought she decided to keep them, to be absorbed into her 25+ cat household. Well, she showed up at a veterinary clinic today with the kittens! Unfortunately they weren't able to get ahold of me in time (the clinic has put an absolute end to taking in anymore unwanted animals, so they all go to animal care and control...a kill shelter ). The plan now is for her to bring them in tomorrow, a night of boarding will be paid for (I have to work), and I'll pick them up Wednesday. I spoke to the vet tech who saw them, and she says they look to be in good shape (thank goodness), seem very friendly, and are apparently quite pretty...some marble tigers, white, b/w, dilute calico. What I didn't realize is that there are 7 of them (3 six month olds, and 4 three month olds). What could I say? I firmly fastened my "sucker" button on my lapel and said "okay". The rehab is now on hold...I don't think the kittens will mind that the walls only have primer, and it's only a sub-floor .

If you have some vibes to spare (and have bothered to read all of this), please send them so this lady actually shows up with the kittens, and that they test negative (she doesn't test her cats, but "supposedly" the mama and all her cats are now fixed. Yeah. I'm sure.). If I get them, you may expect a thread in Fur Pictures...I love taking kitten pics!
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Hope the lady shows up with the darling kittens. Thank you for taking them!
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Good for you! Can't wait to hear how it goes and see the pics. I have good vibes headed your way!!
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congrats! and NO, you're not a sucker, just somebody with the biggest heart I'm sure they'll love their new place, how long will you have to keep them? until they get adjusted and can be placed elsewhere?
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Mega vibes heading across from the UK!, and i hope the babies settle in well

Wooo Hooo kitten pics
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Can't wait for pictures!

Have fun playing with all the kitties.
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You're so nice to take all those sweeties in. Seven of them! I'm have Sound of Music flashbacks lol. Sending vibes that they're all healthy and on time!
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Thanks everyone! It's too bad that there's always kittens in need, but part of me is kinda excited to have kittens again, even though it's only been a few months.

Yayi & Susie: Thanks for the vibes! Plenty of pics promised if I get them!

Marina: Hopefully we'll be able to find homes for them soon! Of course, we'll have to get them vet checked & tested first. I already spoke to a man who is very excited for kittens & wants two of the 6 month olds! I've spoken to him on the phone, and will meet him in person. He's going to come over to see the kits, so I'll get a better "feel" for him.

Susan: Thanks for the UK vibes, and I'm sure to grant your wish for kitten pics! Of course, none will be as beautiful as Rosie & Sophie! Or TTP, or Marsh, or...well, TCS cats are the best!

Eatrawfish: I'm going to have tons of fun playing with the babies! Thanks for the good wishes!

Leli: If they don't already have names, I'll have to google for the Sound of Music, and find those names . Maybe I'll take down my curtains, and sew them outfits like in the movie...kittens love to wear clothes! Don't they? Thanks for the vibes!
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Sound of Music Names: Leisl, Freidrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta and Gretl. My sister and I used to watch it all the time lol.
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Originally Posted by Leli
Sound of Music Names: Leisl, Freidrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta and Gretl. My sister and I used to watch it all the time lol.
Wouldn't it be funny if their genders came out so that I could use all the names? Thanks for saving me a google trip!
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They came tonight, a day early! The really great news is that one of the vet techs had been wanting two female kittens, so she already took a pair!

They're absolutely beautiful kitties! The 6 month old ones are really big...they're darn near cats. One is all black, with a face shape like a Siamese, second is a marble tiger, and third is a lookalike for Rosiemac's Sophie, except with a bushy tail. They're all boys. The two little ones are white/marble tigers, and are just the cutest things!

All of them are really scared right now. I spent some time with them in their room, the little ones haven't left the litter box, and the big ones are no better, poor babies. Only the b/w one came up for scritches. I left some treats for them, and I'm letting them chill. Not a peep out of any of them, I think they're sleeping.

Thanks to all who sent vibes, it worked! Now I beg indulgence for "finding good new meowmy & daddies" vibes for these babes!
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