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I missed one of Baker's antibiotic pills. Should I go back to regular schedual
or give him one now and then start on regular schedual again which will be about 6 hours from now? He is supposed to get them every 12 hours.

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*Snort*, sorry, I was just thinking of me and a certain pill that I take (now if you miss one do you take it right then or . . . dang it, I forgot! Where are those directions?!) Which would be my advice. Get on the 'ol internet and look up the medication. There may be directions on the company website for cases such as these; I know there are for many other types of medications. My personal feeling would be that since the purpose is to keep a steady level of antibiotic in his system, it would be best to just give him one now as soon as you remembered it, and then give him another in the 6 hours you mentioned. But I'm no doc. Could you call an after-hours vet, just to ask advice?
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Ok thanks, I will try to look that up on the Inet. Unfortunately I do not have a 24 hour vet.

Thanks again =)
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In that situation, I would give the dose as soon as I remembered it, delay the next dose by a couple of hours if at all possible, then go back to the normal schedule.
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