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Our Stray Male Is Trying To Come IN!!

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We have a intact stray male, who has been around since our cats got out when our door was opened when we came home one day. Well needless to say he is a friendly little chap.( Although the first time we saw him he ran Scared as could be. ) He is a Dark Brown tailless tabby, with a bulky head.He looks older, like he is starting to loose fights with younger stronger cats. I have started calling him Bobcat .. after the guy on the police academy movies. He is staying under our house.. the people who lived here before were weird so there are old reminants of carpeting under there along with all sorts of other odds and ends.. shoes, lawn mower tires, cement blocks.

We were babysitting Isac, a puppy for my fiance's mother this past weekend .. infact they just came and picked him up monday evening. Well when me and the doggie went on walkies Bobcat would go with. When i would tell Isac to come Bobcat would come running to. Yeah i know NOT a really good idea to have a stray around a pet, but what was i to do when he would just follow us. Then after the walk when we went back in he would try to come in to .. EVERY TIME. Then sit and Meow plantifly for a few seconds until i said NO.

He has tried to get in the door before when i was bringing in groceries, but thsi weekend he was being a total PAIN.

He is a sweet lovable cat, so i will be checking with the HS around here and if they can't help then i will go to the one where i used to live and see what they can do. "We have to many cats" as my fiance Kevin says .. then when he saw how hard Bobcat was trying to get in he told me i was mean because i wouldn't let him in. MEN MEN MEN!! ... I told Kevin he is NOT coming in til he is FIXED !! PERIOD!! Because i do NOT want any more cats Prego.. and he was like well Shadow isn't in heat right now * pulls my hair out*... and then he will just be a Foster kitty .. Men are sooo frustrating at times. ( I think Kevin is a softer touch then i am hehehe)

The HS around here is WAY different then the one where i was .. or at least on paper it seems that way.. much more stuffy and not as into Spay neuter as the other. * sighs *
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He sounds like he might be a lost pet. If you take him to the vet to be neutered, please have him scanned for a microchip-
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He might be or a pet that was tossed out or left behind when someone moved... i know i am a little harsh but i know people do those things.

This isn't the first time we have had this happen either .. we had a male where we used to live that wanted in all the time.. he was also older and looked like he was starting to get beaten in fights.

I will definately ask for him to be checked .. although microchips are not very prevelant around here.
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It's wonderful that he trusts you. Sounds as if he got lost or left behind. If you can get him fixed that would be great.
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vegansoprano~ that would explain the male cats .. but not the females .. i think they are all barn cats .. around here they use old trailors as feed holders for cattle .. we have 2 across the road .. and there is house that was converted into a horse barn down the road .. and a cattle field behind us.. so i am sure there are a lot more ferals then i am seeing

captiva~ Yeah he definately wants some lovings.. he looks like he has really been in some knock out drag outs.. mostly here receintly .. maybe there is a bigger badder male in the area.

I know that there are some real bobcats around here .. and our house has a lot of low brush around the edge .. so it really unnerves me... i also know there are cats hiding in there. We need to bush hog it ASAP, so none of the cats or any other wild animals have babies in there .. i don't want to end up with a whole herd of different animals nursing them *lol*
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