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My cat got outside and hasn't came home!!

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My cat Pepper got outside yesterday morning and hasn't been back since.He is 7 months old and in heat.I don't understand why he would go out when everytime I've taken him out he's gotten scared.He made it very clear to me that he doesn't like the outdoors.Could he have left because he's in heat?Will he ever come home?
I love Pepper with all my heart and I just want to know that he didn't leave because he didn't like home...Help!
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I guess that Pepper is a male? He may have picked up the scent of a female kitty in the area who is in heat? I am so very sorry that this has happened to you and your babe. I would try calling and calling him and setting out some of his food, etc. In the SOS section there is a post about a kitty not coming home and what happened. You might want to check it out. It was posted by KC.
Please let us know how things are going. I am sending kitty capture prayers your way for Pepper.
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It seems he went to find a female. If he comes home, I would think about getting any of your cats that are whole spayed and neutered. They can end up very hurt when they sneak out to mate, not to mention all the problems associated with being whole.
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Have you tried shaking some favorite treats for him? My cat always came home for treats.. good luck! (Check the dog pound, maybe someone bought him in)
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I tried shaking his favorite treats and I put some food out.He hasn't came to my calls.The problem is that I live in the city and there is so much traffic infront of my house.My cat Tigger was hit by a car not that long ago.He survived but with permanent damage to his mouth.Pepper has been gone for two days.Is that normal for a cat that is in heat?Do they stay out longer than they would if they were fixed?We just want Pepper to come back home.Thanks for all your suggestions.
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Whole Toms can stay away for a while when searching for a female in heat. I know people who have had their cats go for days and come home, usually a little beat up. I hope you plan to neuter Pepper when he comes home, he'll be healthier and happier if you do.
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We have found Pepper!He was stuck under the house.The poor guy was muddy and wet.When I tried to pick him up he bit me.He left two deep holes in my hand.What should I do about the bite?I just need to know if I need a tetnis shot.Thanks to everyone for giving me advice.It brought my bundle of joy home!
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I'm so glad to hear he's back!

I don't know about the shot, you might want to call your doctor and ask.

Make sure to keep Pepper inside until he gets fixed or he might go on another adventure.
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Tasha....This is SUCH GOOD NEWS!!!!!!

you need to wash that wound out very well and I agree - call your doc.
Here is a welcome home party for Pepper.......
May he never stray again! :tounge2: :tounge2: :egypt: :egypt: :dali: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :girlie: :girlie: :blossom: :jarswim: :jarswim: :karate: :karate: :pinky: :pinky:
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How terrifying.. my kitten was lost for almost 12 hours one time (stuck in our neighbors garage and they closed the door and went to work).. I couldn't do anything, including think straight when he was missing.. thankfully, it ended just fine..

Welcome Home Pepper

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The best thing to wash the wound out with is Hydrogen Peroxide. It will bubble and get out any dirt of germs that are in there. Keep an eye on the wound to make sure there is no swelling, redness or pus coming out of it. If there is, see a doctor. Tetanus shots are good for 10 years. If you haven't had one in a while or can't remember the last time you did have one, get one as it's better to be safe than sorry.

Glad Pepper has returned!

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Aww I'm so glad you found him! I know what it feels like to lose a cat - our Honey went missing a few years ago. She went out and didn't come home for nearly two days. We were starting to think we wouldn't see her again. Anyway one morning my Mam heard a little meow from outside, and when she opened the door Honey came running in meowing so loudly! We think she was trying to tell us what had happened! You must be so relieved to have Pepper back.
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I washed out the wound with soap and water and then Iodine.
It swelled up a little and has had a little bit of puss.
I will get A tetnus shot as soon as I can.
We think that pepper got out from the open roof
in our rec room. Do you have any Ideas to keep him from going up
there? I have caught our Kittens Vader and Mimi up there
and I wouldn't want them to get stuck under the storage. :tounge2:
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Having my Dani Night Stalker sneak out of the house once and being lost for about 15 hours, I know the terror and helplessness you felt. And, I know the joy of finding your little bundle of love. Unless you want to experience this pain again, I too recommend getting Pepper fixed. Dani was already spayed, she was just curious about being outside and thankfully (for her and my nerves), has shown no inclination to experience the great outdoors again. Cats may have 9 lives but I can't afford to lose 10 years for each one she puts in danger

Please, please get to the doctor for a check on your wound. I've heard some real horror stories about cat bites from feral cats but I wouldn't take any chances.

The kitty angel was looking over your shoulder, bless its little heart.
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I am so glad your kitty came home - you must be a very lucky person. It's every cat owner-mom's nightmare! I'm in the city too and I can't believe how many animals (lots of racoons) I see dead on the highways. Recently, at the vet a lady left and her cat got out of the carrier on the side walk - at a very busy intersection. Luckily the cat was scared and we could corner her. I really felt sick to my stomach afterwards at the thought of a cat being out there with traffic and horns and bright lights.

I am moving and my fiance lives on the ground floor of an apartment building - I am so terrified of my cats getting out because sometimes they like to run into the hallway in my apartment building. I don't want to put collars on them - I tried once with the little one and it was hard watching her buck like a horse. Anyway, he came up with the great idea of making a sliding door so that there's a double barrier at the front door - shut one door behind you before you open the other - when entering or exiting - this solution makes me less fearful. They actually do this at the shelter I go to, to make sure they don't lose any animals.(This is the same man I wrote of who wanted me to get them de-clawed.)

Even on a leash I wouldn't take your kitties out - the collars are meant to 'break-away' - yes and please get him neutered! All those abandoned animals out there - no reason to increase the population even more. And it is supposed to be healthier for the cat.

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Please get him neutered ASAP, before you'll be looking for help in the behavior forum for urine marking.... Neutering all of your cats is the best thing you can do for them to make their lives longer and better!
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I was curious how your wound is doing.

One of the problems with a small deep wound is an abcess (sp?). The skin seals over the top before the inside heals up and infections grow under the skin. A tetanus shot wouldn't hurt, but this would need antibiotics. Plus it's in your hand! It's not like you can just stay off it for a few days, not if your life is anything like mine anyway. So you want to catch it as early as possible.
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The wound has already healed so there's not much I can do about it now.It look's like I never got bit in the first place.The problem with Tetnis shot's is that when I was younger people would always tell me that the needles were 2 feet long.I don't even like the sound of TETNIS.I know I'm risking my health but that's my own fault.
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I really don't understand you, Tasha........ Why the heck wouldn;t you go see a doctor?
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Well, I'm real sure that if you were going to get tetanus you'd have had it by now. Actually, I think if you didn't get it treated, you'd be dead by now. I figured that hadn't happened.

I'm just glad the bite didn't get infected. You were very lucky!
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