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Katie usually comes when I call her by name, or when I say, "where's my baby?" Gracie comes if it suits her. She also answers to "Bug." Peter seems to still be learning his name.
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Saba just learned her name....although she prefers to be a diva and not let us know that. Sasha will come always, from wherever.......he's so polite.
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Felicia comes to "Felicia"

Beau comes to "come"
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Originally Posted by Amy-DHH
Cosmo is still learning his name, but he looks at me when I call him by his name... then he comes when he's good and ready

He seems to like when I call him Cosmo-Cosmo or Cosmo-Kramer

Also the standard "kissing" sounds or "sssssssw-ssssssw-sssssw" seems to get him moving.

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offering food, treats and EspeCially hairball medicine will get her wherever you are quicker than any other kind of coaxing...

she does come when you call her name, but she usually takes her sweet time
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My Libby is a diva! I call her name and if she's facing away, she'll move her ears in acknowledgement, but she doesn't come to me. If she's facing me and I call her, she'll give me a look that says either "What? Would do you need? I'm comfortable here thanks." or "Lady you are crazy if you think I'm getting up" She is kinda skittish though. She''l let me pet her for awhile if she's laying on the couch, but if she sees me walking towards her, she does tend to run and hide. She likes to be petted on her own terms. Usually she wants to be petted between the hours of 5-6AM. She gets right up in my face! She's a cutey though and I love all her little quirks!
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Luciano is real chatterbox. he's always got something to say and he does respond to my calling his name...or saying nearly anything for that matter. ChumChum on the other hand is a little more independenct minded. like Melissaann's diva Libby, ChumChum likes attention on her terms and while she'll usualy come near me when i call, she doesn't come looking to be held or pet right away. when she's ready for that she let's me know by flopping herself on her side or back with paws up so i have direct access to her belly. also, she is extremely freindly at night with my wife and i in bed. she sleeps on top of the comforter, under the comforter, between our pillows, on the pillows. and she just loves to be rubbed then too. if she's not sleeping, she's purring. she's like a different person at night. Luciano sleeps on the floor beside me and jumps up once in a while to survey that everybody is accounted for and then back down for some more sleep.
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Sierra comes to her name.
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