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Calling kitty...

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Another thread got me thinking about this question.
Do you cats come when you call their name or call kitty kitty or something else? Or do they just come when they feel like it?

My kitties come when I call their name. Sometimes they come when they just hear my voice. I rarely have to call kitty kitty though.

Note:I made this poll multiple choice.
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Diddy will come when you call her name. The rest will come to kitty kitty.
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Eightball will come when I call any name in the house.

Sage and Dakota come when I meowl for them.

Koko comes when I sing the "Koko-ko-ko-ko" song.

The rest pretty much come when they feel like it (by calling their names).
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Cosmo is still learning his name, but he looks at me when I call him by his name... then he comes when he's good and ready

He seems to like when I call him Cosmo-Cosmo or Cosmo-Kramer

Also the standard "kissing" sounds or "sssssssw-ssssssw-sssssw" seems to get him moving.
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Kandie when good and ready or when food is involved...

Zoey comes to her name.. but she is an exceptional kid ..
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I don't really "call" Nano -- as in, "come here!" But if I say her name and then start talking she will make a noise to let me know where she is. If I respond to that noise in a certain way, she will get up and come to see what is happening.
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Charlotte and Pie will come when they're good and ready. Esse comes when she's called. Simon comes when he's called, and will go try to get the others when I call them.

Pengy is still trying to decide if she likes me...

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Mashka usually comes when I call her name. I don't use Kitty Kitty, cause that's what Precious--the DOG--comes to. She's weird.

Another thing that brings her when I want her is snapping my fingers. She'll usually come if I do that... I often use that when I don't want to wake the dog. LOL

The other thing she comes to is something I picked up years ago caring for mamas and babies... I make a little Mrr ee ee sound--like a mother cat does when she's calling her kittens. Works more often than not.

Mattie & her kids

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Nepheline comes when I call her name but usually she is already underfoot since I live in such a small apartment!
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Pixie responds to something kinda strange. I look at her, snap my fingers, and point to the floor in front of me. I think she likes the no nonsense approach. She also responds to pretty kitty (she's very vain )
Milo is pretty much always underfoot in our little apartment, so I never have to call him. However, since the bathroom door is always closed, he'll run in when I do to play for a few minutes. He won't leave until I say "come on, beastly", lol.
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pssssssswssssssswssssss gets her everytime actually, so does kitty kitty
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Sasuke will come to anything- the other cat's names, kitty kitty, clicking sounds.

Kamikazee and Purple will look at me when I call them by their names, but unless I have food they will come when they are good and ready.
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Rosie and Sophie come when i call their names, but they also come to "Dinner or Breakfast"
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Marsh comes when i call his name
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My kitties are guaranteed to come only when pouring their food into their dishes!!!
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If I have been out of the house Meish comes as soon as I open the door. Hubby is bent out of shape about it because she doesn't do it for him. lol

She also comes to her name or when I shake her treat jar.
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Most of my cats respond to their names, but I know they also respond to the voice I use with them. My cat Roger, for instance, comes almost every time he's called (he's even been known to get up from a sound sleep!), but he only responds to other people when they mimic my "Roger voice" when they call him.
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I'm trying to train Limerick to come when he is called with a treat reward of course. It's for saftly reasons. Just in case he were to get out.
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Sam will answer to his name, and Frodo's, and my husband's...he believes that any conversation in the house is directed at him! I talk to Sam and he talks back, but it's been 2 years now and I've finally gotten Frodo to speak to me. I guess that's probably because Sam was talking for him.
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I responded "Other". Charlotte will come if I call her name followed by a command like "Come here" or "Hungry" or "Wanna play". Today, I was in the livingroom and I had some treats. Charlotte was in the kitchen (I think because that's where she had been snoozing 5 minutes before I called) and I yelled "Charlotte. Hungry?". Dang it if she didn't come bolting into the room and jumped onto the sofa with me!!!

My kitten Izzie is only 7 months and is still learning. She knows her name and sometimes she does come to me. The easiest way to get her to come to me from another room is for me to start singing. She'll come bolting to me, jump onto my lap, and start meowing or rubbing against me. I think she's just trying to say "Shut up. You're tone deaf"!!
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Both my kitties respond to me calling their name and saying kitty kitty

i might go heeere sam sam sam heere kitty kitty or switch the name to peaches if i want peaches Sam will come to both but Peaches only comes 99% of the time. The other one percent, she's either in a deep sleep or she think's i didn't look hard enough for her LOL
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Luna comes with his name

Delilah .. comes if you go into the bathroom *LOL* .. and if she is walking by and you ask her what she is doing she will sit there and look at you like "you are weird you know that"

Shadow comes to "Shadow Come here baby come on.. come here my sweety baby"

Geo .. he will sort of come to Hey Geo what yah doin.. or atleast start twords yah ... then 2 ft from yah flop over like SCRATCH BELLY

They all come to Here KeeKeeKee.. Sampson who passed on came to here Keekeekee *lol* the cats also come to tounge clicks and whistles which i trained Sampson to come to .. the Bird will help me round them up when she hears me whistling .. *lol* silly thing

And of course any time you use the cat opener*rme*

the stray cat outside .. Bobcat he will come to the name i gave him and Bobbykee .. and he will come to come here come on .. i was baby sitting a puppy this weekend so they were best buds *rme* .. they can both sit on comand now *LOL*
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It impresses non-cat people to see a cat come to its name, or more, to respond to a verbal command.

When calling or nameing a cat, consider "hard" rather than "soft" sounds, and emphasize the sound when calling. In verbal commands, use the cat's name as a lead in to the command.

I have had people who were convinced that my cats understood english ! !

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Mine is a little bit of both "kitty kitty," and "when they're good and ready!" They'll come most of the time, but sometimes, they just ignore me.
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We have so many on the property here that Ive named only a few. About the only one who answers to her name is CryBaby. Most times just my appearance brings them out of hiding. But sometimes, they are all involved on playing in the pasture next door or napping under the house and if I tap on their bowl (or yes, call Kitty Kitty ) they all come running!
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"Other - please explain":

When we walk in the door at night, they're waiting for us at the top of the stairs. All 6 of them. They want FOOD! We don't have to call them to us.

Dusty is a human-magnet & won't let a lap go unoccupied, so she never has to be called from anywhere. Snickers follows me EVERYWHERE. I call Hammie the "Hemorrhoid" cuz he is always on me... even when I'm in the shower, he will bang on the shower doors with his front paws.

At feeding time; all 6 cats are meowing & rolling at my feet. No need to call them; they even SENSE that I'm in the kitchen, and *poof*, cats appear.

Brushing time, when I get that Zoom Groom out, they hear me say "BRUSH" and they come running. So I never really have to call my babies...
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George will only come when he's good and ready unless it involves food. Blackie will come from anywhere when you call her. She will meow if it is going to take her a minute to ge there so I know she's on her way.

Princess and Patsy will come when called all the time. I can use their nicknames or their real names and they will come everytime even if they're in a deep sleep. Princess and Patsy love to sit and conversations with me too. When I call George Patsy comes really quick because she wants to be ready to attack him.
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Princess and Pitufo come when I call their names. Gordo doesn't come when I call his name, he does look at me. He does come running to me when I have ham.
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Gandalf comes to me when I call out his name in a sing-song like voice and he'll hop up on whatever I'm sitting on if I rub my fingers together at him, kind of like snapping only with no noise.

Samwise on the other hand comes when he wants to and only to Sammer Jammer and ocassional Baby Kitty.
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Bella only comes when I say "c'mere!" or "c'mon!" in a little song songy voice. Then she comes running cuz she is curious..
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