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Easter pix

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At the risk of becoming one of those annoying grandparents, who insist upon inflicting huge numbers of grandkid pictures on their friends, I try to keep this confined to major holidays and birthdays.

Having said that, they are just too darned CUTE, not to share. Isabel is in the pink shirt and Feliza is wearing the blue one. They insisted upon putting those outfits on, as soon as they took them out of their Easter baskets. Obviously, they have inherited their paternal grandmother's fashion sense!

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-very cute! I'll bet they insisted on toting their little baskets around everywhere too. You can't let candy out of sight at that age.
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They're adorable! They look so into the egg hunt! What cuties.
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They look very cute in their new Easter outfits!
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They are so cute!!!
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They're such cuties!!!
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I see they have pink shoes too. Were those from Grandma too?
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What sweet little girls!
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Just ONE more:

The pInk shoes are from their other grandma. I'll get them new shoes, for their birthday next month.
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
-very cute! I'll bet they insisted on toting their little baskets around everywhere too. You can't let candy out of sight at that age.

Of course you can't. There are parents and sibling who will steal it!! haha

We use to always do easter egg hunts when we were little. My cousin Stacey would fine all the eggs b/c she knew where they were all hidden. Why they didn't change the hiding places I will never know. I remember the "Easter Bunny" brought my a stuffed lamb and I dropped in the stream behind my cousin's house I screamed and cried!!! I think I was 4 at the time. We have video of my Grandpa, Dad and cousin Rudy fishing it out... hahaha. Oh Easter memories!!!
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They are so cute.
Nice pics.
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You should be proud! What cuties!
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IMO, you don't post enough pics of them, Cindy. They are growing up so fast!
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Thank you, all. I AM rather proud of the twins. Their mother confiscated the chocolate bunnies and Peeps, to be doled out later. What kind of a grandma would I be, if I didn't give them things that aren't good for them, though?

So far, they like clothes, shoes and chocolate - they are DEFINITELY related to me.
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Awww, they look adorable in their Easter tops! I bet they have so much fun with you - especially spoiling them with such goodies!!
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