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How do I get her to take her medicine????

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Hello. My boyfriend bought me a 6 mo. old kitten for Valentine's day from a shelter. I've had Raven now for about a month and a half. It seems to be last night and today that she is constipated. She keeps trying to poop, but she can't. I got some Laxatone from the pet store, but I can't get her to take it. I tried to put it on her nose while she was in my lap, but all she did was shake her head and send it flying everywhere. Now she's walking around with the side of her face all sticky and won't even let me help her clean it. She didn't even get 1/4 of the dose (I was trying to give her 1/2 tsp). I don't know what to do to get her to take the medicine and I'm worried about the constipation. Please help!!
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Has she been to a vet? Constipation in young kittens can be the cause of the kitten eating something foreign and getting an obstruction. If you haven't taken her in, I would urge you to do so that the vet can give you some idea as to what is wrong. If she is straining at the litter pan then she needs to be checked.

You will need to get a warm, damp cloth on her to take the sticky stuff off her face, and no she might not like it, but if you do it gently enough she should be okay with it.

Laxatone is easiest to apply if you rub it into their front leg and paw. You have to rub it in good or else they just shake it off and it goes everywhere.
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Thank you so much for the advice. I will try to do that in a little bit. She is always licking her front leg to help clean herself. I haven't been to the vet yet - I noticed this behavior last night - but will do so tomorrow. I am just worried about her and she probably feels uncomfortable.
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Take her to the vet. If the vet determines that she needs medication, the drugs that are available by prescription generally require lower doses than OTC meds.

You also can add canned pumpkin to her canned food. Cats usually really like this.

If she seems to be in distress at all, take her to the emergency clinic immediately. Kittens are notorious for eating things they shouldn't.
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We have also had luck with adding a little bit of malt flavoring to get them down. I dont know what it is about malt, but they go nuts over it.

Kittens are very bad about eating stuff they shouldnt. You get very good at digging it out of their mouths.
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Thanks again for the advice. I also have to give her a paste to help with the cat flu she contracted at the shelter. It takes her a minute to realize I'm rubbing the stuff into her paw. She's all better now!!!
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